Thursday, October 9, 2014

Blogger Pride : A journey that started 25 years ago !

Blogging is the art of writing your own views, in your own way, in your own language, in your own style, on any topic that interests you most or a topic u don't like even least, at your free will, free wish, no bondages, no obligations, with lots n lots of satisfaction and that too at no monetary costs.

Such is the pleasure that you develop the feeling of writing, giving words to your thoughts, your imaginations, your views and than sharing it with others. And than, awaiting to see, how others revert over it, how they comment, how they react if it was against someone.

In the earlier days, say around 20 - 25 years ago, i used to go to cyber cafe to check my mails as the internet connections were not suitable due to heavy costs. Around 15 years ago i launched my First website related to my business. Gradually, I learned how to promote a website, the SEO techniques.

Today, I have a very wide social network and i really enjoy blogging as i can share my thoughts with my friends all over the world. The feeling of Pride that's generated in me while blogging has made me to launch my yet another blog i.e. Blogger Pride.

Some of the Greek definitions on the term BLOG, i found on Net looked quite interesting & i am sharing these for you, for your pleasure : 1. A Blog can be whatever you want it to be, it's not about the WHAT but the WHY. 2. A Blog is a collection of strategically placed 1's and 0's, typically called software. 3. Blogging is what you do, what you do not do, and what you wish you had done, when you did it.

So friends, Keep Blogging, keep sharing your thoughts. Let others enjoy !