Saturday, December 27, 2014

Kitna chain hota hai na sachchai mein !

We are a group of Social Activists. We always keep an eye on the Civic authorities that what they are doing & what not. We do regular research on various civic issues. Issues related to Electricity, Issues related to Drinking water, Issues related to Pollution, Issues related to Sanitation & so on, it may be any civic issue related to the corporations or any of the official bodies. And we raise all such issues at the best possible opportunity so that these could be resolved for the betterment of the society. 

But do you know how difficult it is to raise such issues, to raise the TRUTH, in front of the authorities ? There is every possibility that you will be in trouble, you will get threats, you may be attacked, you may be falsely implicated and so on. Many of my friends have faced the consequences. One of them was badly beaten and was in hospital for many days. 

These authorities will try their best to defy themselves in every possible manner. But the process continues. We never care what will happen. We just do our duty, our duty to serve the community as a social activist. It’s by choice. We like to dig the truth though it’s really very difficult to gather such information. We have to do a lot of homework before proceeding further. We collect the details from various sources. Than we compile the data in a suitable form. The next step is the critical analysis. I can say I am an expert in it as my qualification totally supports me for these activities.

We are proud to say that now our voice has a say. We get invites from various authorities while discussing certain critical issues. We opine and are suitably heard and our talks are recorded, included in the official versions, for a suitable action, for the betterment of the society.

It gives us a great feeling. A feeling that we are raising the TRUTH & trying to resolve the  community issues. It may be dangerous. Many a time we get strange messages. Many a time we get strange feelings. But we have never changed our ways. We know that we are moving in the right direction. A direction that gives  you a feeling of pride that you are doing something serious for the society. 

KITNA CHAIN HOTA HAI NA SACHHAI MEIN kyonki jab sach saamne aata hai to badon badon ko bhi jhukna padta hai & we really enjoy that moment when we force the authorities to make the changes as asked by us, on the basis of naked TRUTH.

It’s KINLEY that gives the same feeling. The feeling of reality. The feeling of Sachhai. The feeling of Truth. It’s as pure as truth. That’s why we like KINLEY. We use to dring Kinley only, even if there are many more other options available. Even you must drink Kinley. It will brighten your mind with a feeling of purity. You can know much more about it from the link : Kinley 2014 TVC You must view the video embedded below about this product :

Have faith, if you are on the way of Truth, on the way of sachhai, how difficult it may be, you will be the winner in spite of various hardships involved in it. 

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Rise above fear - Dar ke aage jeet hai !

We were going to Hemkunt Sahib in Uttranchal. We can go only upto the Gobind Ghat by car, where we have to park our car & than we have to walk 21 Kms one side. It’s a 42 Km walk both ways. We reached Gobind ghat by around 1pm. We parked our car, went to the Gurudwara & than took the langer. It was almost 2.30 pm by that time. 

We asked the sewadar at the Bridge ( place to start the journey ), that, is it safe now to move ahead. Sewadar just pronounced the Sikh Slogan, “ Bole So Nihal, Sat Sri Akal”. 

I knew it very well that if we start so late, it may be dangerous for all of us as it's very risky to move in the hills at late hours, and that too, without any security. But i knew that if we don't start by now, we will be delayed by a day atleast. So taking the big risk, we started our journey. Me & my wife were walking and our two daughters were on the kathi, on the back of two persons, who do this job against money.

It was a beautiful view all around. We clicked so many pics. Our first stoppage was to be at 15 kms and the next day with 7 kms. But soon we realized, that this 15 Kms by walk on hills was not lesser in any way and that too when we started our journey at around 2.40 pm.

Anyhow, we kept walking. We had no time to rest as it was already very late. And soon we shivered out of a mix of a Chill & Fear. It was now 7 pm and total dark all around and we found our selves all alone on the way. It was shocking for all of us. With my wife & 2 kids with me, I just shivered on finding us alone at dark.

We saw a Dhaba and we took some tea from him as it was already cold. We checked from Dhaba wala that can we stay at his Dhaba for the night. His reply was even more shocking for us. He told that he will soon close the Dhaba & rush to his home as Bears roam in this area during nights. Even my wife shivered on hearing this. We just could not understand that how to move further in that dark and a big Fear of bears gripped all of us.

Luckily a person reached there & told us to wait at the Dhaba itself as few more persons will be reaching the spot soon and we should move in a group. After almost an hour, that group reached us & we again started our journey.

A guide was there in that group, who offered a short cut way. Everyone agreed. But a shortcut in hills and that too at 9 pm, in the dark, is more than enough to give you a shiver. And yeah, we all really shivered as we were passing from a stretch which had a deep ditch at just 24 inches on our left and we had no lights.

We just remembered the Mountain Dew slogan that, “ DAR KE AAGE JEET HAI”. Yeah we passed the two fearful hurdles. Now there was no fear of bears any more. Now we were not alone. We reached the Army base & soon we reached the Gobind dham, our first stoppage.

We just took a room in a small hotel & in minutes we were in deep sleep. The fear was over & in the morning we were on the way to Gurudwara Hemkunt sahib which is at 15200 Ft from the ground level. It was ice all over. The amazing view, the amazing gurudwara, the amazing journey that taught us a lot. 

The amazing  journey that forced us to remember the Dew slogan, that, DAR KE AAGE JEET HAI”. Yeah, we had entered the FEAR, fear of bears, fear of ditches in the dark with small kids, but we emerged as the winners.

I know Telugu very well. I can read, speak & write Telugu. So a video of Mountain Dew in Telugu language is being embedded below. Must view this Dew Film :

You too must taste Mountain Dew as there is no life until & unless you enter the Fear & come out of it as a winner. You can join Mountain Dew at :

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Law Minister Kapil Sibal on 1984 riots : Headlines Today

Zee News : Power outages issue : B S Vohra in Panel discussion

Delhi Jal Board Audit RTI on Delhi Aajtak : B S Vohra

RSTV : Sarokar : Discussion on Supreme court ruling : B S Vohra

Dar Se Azadi : JANPATH : B S Vohra on Delhi Aajtak

Former CAG Mr Vinod Rai : Headlines Today : B S Vohra

Promo : AAJTAK : Delhi Ke Dil Mein Kya Hai : B S Vohra

Banega Swachh India !

Marathon to run for a  cause & Cleanathon to make India – A Swachh India. What a combination.  A Top most Actor, Sh Amitabh Bachchan, a Top most Hygienic agent, Dettol, and a Top most TV channel, NDTV, all together, ( under the guidance of a Top most leader, Sh Narendra Modi ),  on a common journey, covering 8 states & 400 villages, to make our motherland, a Swachh India. A swachh & hygienic India with no sanitation issues  in any home, locality, city or even the remotest village.

It’s the Golden opportunity when our Govt., our Corporate sector, our brand ambassador & our media will move together. We must join them if we want to move towards a Swachh India.

There is a common saying that Charity begins at home. Keeping that in mind, we can start our cleanliness drive from our home itself. Just spend one hour a day in 24 hours to make your home clean. You can do it while watching NDTV or in your spare time. If all the family members join together & do it regularly, your home will be the cleanest soon. But you must use Dettol to keep the hygienic standards under control.

Once your home is clean, you can move to your locality. If all the families join together & do something to make the locality a hygienic one with no sanitation problems anywhere, with no garbage anywhere, your entire city will become the Cleanest and we will be moving towards a swachh India.

We can teach the students at schools & villages to wash the hands using Dettol as it’s the best hygienic agent, to maintain cleanliness. We can teach them to not to throw garbage on road sides. We can teach them to use Dustbins. We can teach them to not to defacate in the open.

We can teach them to plant a tree each to make even the air the swachh one so that we don’t get respiratory & other problems. We can teach them to not to throw pollutants in the rivers, to make them swachh & alive.

In case we can’t spare even an hour for this cleanliness drive, we can still join this movement. We can donate them whatever possible. This money can be utilized in making Toilets and providing it free of cost to our villages.

Global Handwashing Day Activities

Reckitt Benckiser (RB) has made a commitment to invest a sum of Rs. 100 crores towards this initiative across the next 5 years. Just remember that, every rupee spent as well every minute given on this mega cause will be a gift to the humanity. Humanity   that wants a clean n hygienic IndiaYou can know much more about the Cleanathon from their website :

Remember the Cleanathon with Dettol & NDTV for a clean & swachh India. Remember that Sanitation and hygiene are the very basic requirements for any home & society. Therefore, please be ready to join the CLEANATHON on 14th December, 9am to 9pm on NDTV with Dettol for a live show alongwith Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar, Anand Mahindra, Shashi Tharoor and Anandiben Patel.

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Say NO to Pre - Marital Sex !

We are proud Indians. We have certain self imposed regulations on our children. We don’t allow our children – boy or girl, to move out, alone, at late hours. We keep an eye that whom they are talking, meeting or chatting on any social network. This is because we care for our children. This is because we have utmost respect for our daughters. We treat them as goddess in our home. We try our best to give them a proper education & marry them at a suitable age with the best possible guy / gal.

We don’t have any space for sex in our society. It’s a taboo. It’s not even discussed in our homes. But the Internet has changed everything. Thousands & thousands of websites are selling porn. Our kids & teenagers are being spoiled. Internet is available on mobiles & smart phones. As a result they are free to watch porn, anywhere, anytime. The term GIGO is well applied i.e. Garbage in, Garbage out. When we click garbage on search engines, we will get garbage on our screens.

The outcome is the unwanted sex between teenagers. The outcome is the pre marital sex between teenagers. It’s just lust & nothing else. Out of anxiety they do all such things & spoil their lives. Many a time such MMS land on porn sites & many a time, girls have committed suicide. It has lead to unwanted MTP's in various road side clinics in a dangerous atmosphere. Many a time we found abandoned kids in the garbage bins.

This pre – marital sex or such affairs have many other complications too. A news story in Times of India revealed certain shocking facts. It said, In Gujrat, most dads failed paternity test. Labs find love cheat in 98% of cases. You can read the detailed shocking story from this LINK with thanks to TOI.

We just try to pretend that we have become liberal and bold. But that’s all false. No reality. We try to act as shown in various TV serials. But do you really think we have become liberal ? If yes, just read another news story from Times of India. It says, that a Bhabhi kissed her devar on his marriage and it resulted into a brawl with the family of the bride. The groom was held captive and later the groom went back without his bride. You can read the shocking news story from this LINK with thanks to TOI.

And still we say that we have become modern, we have become liberal. But can we throw our children in the hands of such perverts who are waiting for them on various social networking sites ? Who just want to lure the innocent teenagers for their own pleasure and for black mailing them, for making money.

The truth is that our elders who constituted such self imposed regulations, who made our constitution & fixed regulations for certain acts, were the most learned ones. They knew many such things in advance and made such regulations. We must be thankful for those custodians of our culture & society. Being Indians, being proud Indians, we must come forward to say a BIG NO to pre - marital sex.

Poonaam Uppal

If you want to know about the True Love, if you want to read about the True Love, you must go for the Poonaam Uppal's True Love - A Mystical True Love Story on Flipkart.

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Friday, December 5, 2014

RSTV : Sarokar : Discussion on Supreme court ruling : B S Vohra

Right to Information ( RTI ) : B S Vohra on India News

Former CAG Mr Vinod Rai : Headlines Today : B S Vohra

Promo : AAJTAK : Delhi Ke Dil Mein Kya Hai : B S Vohra

Delhi Jal Board Audit RTI on Delhi Aajtak : B S Vohra

Zee News : Power outages issue : B S Vohra in Panel discussion

Nissan Safety Driving Forum !

Do you really think, we have any kind of safety on our roads in India. You may be a perfect driver but what’s about those who pay bribe to get a driving license ? 

Just check any of the drivers of trucks & other commercial vehicles on the road and most of those will be absolutely unfamiliar to the prescribed rules & regulations. And when drunk, there are a real nightmare on the roads.

Yeah ! it happened with a friend of mine. He was a reporter at a famous news channel. He used to move on his bike to shoot various news stories. We used to talk a dozen times daily. Even on that fateful day, we spoke just half an hour ago. Around 11 am, i got a call from another reporter of the channel. He asked me, Vohra saab, do you know about Ravi ji. I was just surprised and asked him, "what has happened". The reply was that he has met with an accident. It was shocking for me. I asked, "how is he now". The answer was, "he is no more".

OMG ! What a shock. I was trembling. It was a great jolt. I was shivering. I just took my car & rushed to the hospital & there he was, lying in a corner, on his death bed, packed in a white bag. Later the investigating officer informed us that he was hit by a Tempo traveller. It was really shocking.

But it does not mean, that we, the white colored persons don’t do mistakes. In anxiety, anger or when in joyous mood, we drive recklessly. Moreover, we give bikes to our teenagers who just wanna fly and these kids often give the biggest shock to the parents.

Ofcourse, road safety & etiquette is the responsibility of every driver, but we are not being taught about it. Instead we are being taught that we can pay bribe to get a license. We can pay bribe to skip a challan. We can pay bribe to get a vehicle passed. Than how & why, we will follow the rules on the road. It's a common saying that Rules are made so that these could be broken. If we could understand & remember the NSDF concept, "Safety begins with me", it can safe hundreds of lives on road every year.

The Nissan Motor Co. Ltd, through it's Nissan Safety Driving Forum ( NSDF ) wants to change the mindset of the masses. Under its Blue Citizenship CSR umbrella, NSDF is generating awareness in various cities of India for safe driving on roads as well to wear seat belts. Please click this link to know more about NSDF.


If Nissan, out of its Corporate Social Responsibility, could make a check on the licensing system prevailing in the country, it will be a boom for the road safety. It must come forward to check, that no license is issued against bribes or illegally. There must be real tests, stricter tests  and none, even with slightest default, could passthrough. It will save the lives of thousands of persons in the coming years.

Moreover, drunken driving must lead to permanent cancellation of a Driving license or atleast barred for 5 years so that one could self restrain from doing a drunken driving. 

Helmets are mandatory but we can view hundreds everyday without wearing it. Those without a helmet must be barred from driving a scooter or bike for atleast one year & from next day onwards, we won't find even a single person on the road without a helmet. Similarly, sub standard helmets must be banned.

Red light crossing, Tripple riding & non lane driving must get the same punishment i.e. barred from driving a vehicle for 12 months.

The Green Tribunal has banned the vehicles that are older than 15 years. This ban must be strictly followed. 

Moreover, the pollution certification must be strictly regulated. Even in Delhi, one can get a PUC certificate without getting the vehicle checked.

Nissan can also join hands with Bloggers, RWAs & NGOs to spread awareness on road safety.

And the last but not least, in case we find an accident victim on the road & if we take him / her to the hospital, there must not be any police enquiry & the Doctors must treat the victim immediately without any IF's & But's. In case they don't have the capability to treat, they must provide adequate first aid & provide ambulance for immediate shifting of the accident victim under medical supervision.

Pics with thanks from Nissan. Thanks Indiblogger.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Lufthansa A380 – The dawn of a new era !

Our Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi has opened the gates for the entire world with a new slogan, “COME, MAKE IN INDIA”. Therefore, India will soon be the BIGGEST Economy of the world. And for being the biggest economy, We must have the biggest airports, largest aircrafts and the best of aviation facilities to cover the huge commercial utilization in India.

Lufthansa (German) is the only Airlines in the world that has understood the sensitivity of the talks of our Prime Minister and has introduced the Lufthansa A380 into the Indian aviation sector.

Seems, Lufthansa has the best work force of the Financial Analysts of the world, to understand the growth & development prospects of Indian economy and to grab the opportunity, and to grab it’s share in the growth of Indian economy, it has introduced Lufthansa A380 in India.

Lufthansa has understood that very soon we will be getting the investments from all over the world. Soon we will have the best plants for manufacturing the quality products in India. Soon we will get a queue of the persons willing to work in our system and soon we will have the entire world at our door for making their purchases from Indian markets. It will result into the Biggest ever GDP growth of Indian economy, worldwide.

Moreover, we are not only the second largest populated country in the world, we also have the youngest workforce to work under the vision of our Prime Minister and the expectations are that the next century will belong to India. Therefore, we are expecting a huge movement of persons from every corner of the world & it will result into export of our quality products to Europe, America as well to almost every corner of the world.

Seems, Lufthansa has understood, that even it can meet, it’s growth targets, in a much better way, with the growth of Indian economy & both can be much more prosperous in the coming years with the co-operation & understanding of each other and that’s why it has introduced Lufthansa A380 into India, that has started it’s operations wef  8th of November, 2014 for it’s daily flight on the Delhi – Frankfurt route.

I am sure you want to know much more about the Lufthansa A380 & therefore, we have embedded a video of this largest commercial aircraft in the history. Plz view the video from the link, as below : 

I am sure i have generated your interest in this aircraft and you still want to know much more about the Lufthansa A380 & therefore, we are giving below a link of their website, where you can find each & every detail about this aircraft. Please click the website link of the Lufthansa India.

This Airbus can carry a huge lot of passengers as well the tonnes of load for the utmost commercial utilisation & therefore, it’s quite compatible for the upcoming Indian economy. We are sure India requires it in very large numbers and on most of the International routes, to cope up with the pressure of the growth of Indian economy. Therefore, Lufthansa must come forward with many more flights on many more routes, to meet the Indian requirements of the aviation sector. 

And now, i am offering you a virtual tour of the Lufthansa A380. WOW ! It's amazing. Must view the virtual tour of the Lufthansa A380, it's Economy class , it's Business class , it's amazing First class  as well  Lufthansa A380's great technology.

Our Prime Minister has opened the gates of the Indian economy & now Lufthansa & its largest commercial aircraft A380, must open it’s gates, at the earliest for the Indian economy, in a much bigger way. 

Lufthansa A380 is definitely the dawn of a new era in Indian Aviation sector, as now onwards, only the bigger is better for the Growth of Indian economy. Please use the hashtag #LufthansaA380 to promote Lufthansa A380 in India.    

Various links / virtual tour links / taken with thanks from the Lufthansa India Website. Thanks Indiblogger.