Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Magicbricks - Property channel of Times Now launched !

Magicbricks - Property channel of Times Now launched !

Union Minister For Urban Development M Venkaiah Naidu launches
India’s First Real Estate and Property Business TV channel - Magicbricks NOW
§  ‘Magicbricks NOW will provide an unbiased, trustworthy and authoritative perspective on the property business and will help its viewers ‘Be Un-Confused’ about this important sector’

New Delhi 28 Oct 2015: The growing Indian Real Estate and Infrastructure sector received a significant addition when Honourable Union Minister of Urban Development, Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation and Parliamentary AffairsMr M Venkaiah Naidu, introduced India’s first Real Estate and Property Business TV Channel, Magicbricks NOW, today.

Unveiling the channel name, Mr Naidu told mediapersons, “I am delighted to be here today on this auspicious  day. Times NOW from the Times Network is the most credible, premium news channel in the country, and when I came to know that this network is launching a news channel to create a platform for the real estate and housing sector, I felt really happy. Because it is going to partner with me in our plans to provide housing for everyone by 2032.
“So I am very happy that a dedicated channel called Magicbricks NOW is launching for the sector. My congratulations. I hope Magicbricks NOW will do the required magic for the sector; and bricks are always required to construct houses, and housing is the most important aspect of anybody’s life, Mr Naidu said, adding  “I suggest that news and views should not be combined for the channel and that should be the noble beauty of the new channel.”

M K Anand, MD & CEO – Times Network, said, “We are delighted to offer India its first 24x7 real estate and property business television channel, Magicbricks NOW,  and are extremely happy that it has been launched at the hands of the Honourable Mr Naidu today.  Magicbricks NOW has been launched to guide the consumer through the complex and seemingly intimidating world of real-estate transactions.  While real estate is of paramount importance in the life of every Indian, equally, the space is full of complexities, jargon and confusion.  Magicbricks NOW will provide unbiased, trustworthy and the most authoritative perspectives on the property business to help the consumer ‘Be un-confused’,” Anand said.

“We are confident Magicbricks NOW will enjoy wide reach – not only because it is a genre pioneer that covers the extremely important property business, but also because it will leverage the proven strengths of our network distribution and marketing,” Anand said, adding, “It is befitting that India’s first real estate and property business TV channel has been launched by the Nation’s biggest media conglomerate, The Times Group, which has always had a deep and abiding emotional connect with middle class Indians, Magicbricks NOW will cement this relationship further.”

Magicbricks NOW has strategically partnered with Magicbricks.Com, India's No 1 Property portal for property buyers and sellers. Apart from them - Lotus Greens Developers Private Ltd and Mantri Developers Pvt.Ltd, leading developers of the country on board as key sponsors. Their association with us from Day One is testimony to their belief in our vision for Magicbricks NOW.

Faye D’Souza Editor – Magicbricks NOW, said, “Magicbricks NOW is here with a singular focus – on the end consumer. Magicbricks NOW will offer a rich array of programs that range from News bulletins to property hotlines, debates, leadership insights and more. These will not just keep the end consumer informed, but will serve as a common meeting ground for knowledge-driven individual buyers, sellers and businesses looking seriously at the world of property and real estate.”

Marquee channel programming includes The Property GuideThe Home Buyer’s GuideProperty Hotline, The Interiors Show, The Vastu show, Real Estate Tycoons and, of course, The News, every hour on the hour.

Speaking about the association with Times Network to create the new channel, Sudhir Pai,, said, “Magicbricks is delighted to be a part of this initiative with the Times Network. Our endeavor has always been to make our brand ubiquitous across media so as to provide consumers with rich and in-depth information when it comes to matters of property. With this association we leverage the visual appeal of television to communicate our rich data and analytics in an easy-to-consume manner for the consumer. With this launch, we strengthen the offering and make ourselves available at every touch point to consumers."

Target audience: The 24/7 channel will target NCCS A and B viewers in the 25-37 and 38-50 years age groups. In viewer profile terms, it will target both, consumers who are looking to buy, sell or rent real estate, and businesses and service providers like brokers, builders, interior decorators, paint companies and others.

Distribution: Magicbricks NOW will be distributed extensively across DTH and Cable, and is already present on all platforms that carry the channels of Times Network.

Marquee programs
Magicbricks NOW programming will provide unbiased, trustworthy and the most authoritative perspectives on the property business to help the consumer ‘be un-confused’.
Magicbricks NOW will air shows across the spectrum and will cover important aspects of infrastructure, real estate, legal, tax, finance and anything else that impacts a consumer’s buying decision.
It will also include a bouquet of feature shows on interiors, Vastu, home improvement, holiday homes, leisure and more. The platform will help viewers understand the sector better and where they have to park their money.

Show Name
The News
News bulletin covering real estate and related subjects
Property Hotline
A studio based daily call-in show which will answer questions sent in by viewers on investing in property and other related aspects
Property Guide
A daily show that reviews investment ideas, debates policy developments,  and discusses the big developments in the space
The Vastu Show
A show dedicated on importance of Vastu and its application
The Home Buyer’s Guide
A studio based show wherein the anchor runs through the launches and details of projects across the country
Real Estate Tycoons
The show will profile biggest Real Estate builders in the country which would include the management, the projects, the markets it focuses on etc.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Real Togetherness, the togetherness of Kissan, since our childhood !

It’s a digital world where all of us are very busy on our smart phone, laptop or desktop. The easiest being the smart phones. We are really proud to announce that we have 5K friends on Face Book, 70K likes on the FB page, 50K followers on Twitter, over 10K followers on instagram, and so on. We feel proud in declaring ourselves a social media expert with very wide contacts & reach. If you could check our page, our friends will include all the top Leaders, Film stars and so on. We feel proud in showing our digital strength to our friends and relatives.


But what’s the truth. The truth is that in case we get stomach pain at the late night hours, the maximum we can do is to add a status on our Facebook or a selfie with crying face, and in minutes we will get dozens of LIKES, or the messages, saying, oh, ah, hmm, how, what happened, so sad honey, sorry to know, best wishes and some fools may even write RIP, without even understanding its meaning that says, REST IN PEACE.


But nobody will rush to our home to take us to a Doctor for treatment. In case we suffer from any respiratory or cardiac problem, we may not be even alive to read the supportive messages on our Face Book account that can really make us feel proud. The truth is that we are so busy in our so called digital world that we often send wasp messages and that too short text messages, with our kids and even our parents.


This is the reality, the hardcore truth. We don’t have any real friends, any real friendship or real relations that can be utilized in case of any emergency. We are quite unknown to our neighbours as we never tried to get in touch with them. We never wished even hi or hello to the persons living next door. Being nuclear, we are far away from our brothers, sisters, or in true sense the kith and kin with any kind of fruitful and meaningful relations.


If you want to really understand the term togetherness, or the feeling of togetherness, the very simple example is the KISSAN. Since our childhood, we are regularly using the Kissan ketchup and other kissan products in our home. Whenever we are offered any samosa or pakoda, we don’t start eating samosa, viewing a digital pic of Kissan ketchup on our smart phone as it does not give us any taste. For the real taste, we require the Kissan ketchup, in our plate.

The same is true for our relations with our kith and kin. We can’t have meaningful relations while being present in our digital world. We must come out of the so called digital world, into the real world where we can talk face to face, smile, laugh, crack jokes, discuss various issues personally, can have party, fun, can have real feelings, can understand the real pain as well the real pleasures. That creates the feeling of togetherness. That creates real relations that are always available and always open in case of any good or bad news, in case of pleasure or pain.

If you want to know more about the feeling of togetherness, please log on to  . You must view the Kissanput "Real Joy of Togetherness" Video embedded below and promote @KissanIndia with the hashtag #RealTogetherness.

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Stay with StayZilla, Anywhere, Any price !

Had to download StayZilla to understand its working and to play with it, but there was no space to download it on my mobile. I checked the mobiles of my wife & my daughter, but the same situation existed everywhere. Lastly had no other option but to delete some other apps, to download StayZilla, as to get a Free stay at Indibloggers BNLF Mumbai meet, was much more exciting.

It took just a few seconds to download & install it. Once operational, I started working over it. It looked great. It showed three options i.e. being a Guest, being a Host and being both.

As a guest, we can explore over 4,000 PLUS locations and over 30,000 PLUS properties, assuring a comfortable stay at our fingertips. As a Host, we can register our property details and start making money from the day next as a vast number of users of this STAYZILLA APP are regularly on their smart phones to look after the best possible rates and locations to enjoy life. And we can be both a Guest and a Host at different times.

I started searching for Mumbai, Andheri east, for our stay in Mumbai from 30th October to 1st November. In a minute i got a result of 195 stays in that area. It started from the ontime hotel at Rs 4,499 and on scrolling it took us to hotel annex at Rs 2,961. The options available included a price tag of Rs 5,032 at grace residency, Rs 7,045 at Kohinoor continental, Rs 1,950 at hotel Travellers inn fort and so on. We could locate hotel Royal plaza at Rs 1,100, Sahara Inn at 1,300, as well hotel Dragonfly at 5,920.

It was amazing. A single click got me 195 options in a minute and that too, ranging from Rs 1,100 to Rs 7,000 plus. It clearly means that visitors of any class and quality may get the pre booking done via StayZilla, while sitting at their homes.

Its LOGO on the website was Anywhere, Any Price with just 30% of the payment as booking charges and rest on easy installments with the option of Full refund in Metros i.e. 146 cities & 2,600 PLUS properties. It also has the option of StayZilla Concierge i.e. a special end to end travel assistance for our comfortable stay in any part of the country.

At last, I would like to say that we must try it at least once as after that you will do all your bookings only through Stay Zilla.

Pics clicked with thanks to StayZilla App : @stayzilla   #FindYourStaybuddy. Please view the video embedded below : 

McCain Smiles for a smile of loved ones !

I know very well that my daughters like to eat the things in a new style always and hence to see a big smile on their face, I thought of making the frozen McCain smiles in a new way.

McCain Smiles

Though McCain offers a wide range of frozen snacks as depicted in the pics below, I started with McCain smiles. First of all, I fried the McCain smiles into a pan with pure ghee until it turned reddish in the color. 

McCain Cheese & Jalapeno Nuggets

Then, I took a fresh coconut and used a grinder to make a thick paste of it along with chopped Mint leaves, Ginger and a bit of Lasun. It was almost half a cup in quantity.

McCain Chilli Garlic Potato Bites

I poured a spoon of pure ghee in the frying pan and poured the above coconut paste into it. Then I added a few spoons of onion paste and tomato puree, red sauce and fried it at low speed for a few minutes.

McCain Mazedaar Masala Tikki

After that I added salt as well the powder of Black pepper, long pepper, cinnamon and cardamom in it. Soon it turned into pink in color and that was the point when I removed the pan from gas and poured the material into a plate.

McCain Veggie Burger

It was a very thick paste. I added the fried McCain smiles into it in such a way that all the snacks were half dipped in the paste. Then, I used fresh chopped coconut paste mixed with tomato puree and Mayoanaise to cover the upper layer of the McCain Smiles. Then I took a pineapple and used a sharp knife to cut it into small smiley shapes. I covered the upper portion of smiles with the pineapple.

McCain Super Wedges

I placed this plate in a tray. I took small cups filled with Pineapple juice in it for garnishing and presented to my daughters. My wife was smiling on viewing this form of McCain smiles.

McCain French Fries

They all tasted it and yeah, I found that big smile on the face of my daughters. They were just laughing loudly. My wife took a bite of it and looked delighted. I was the last person there to taste it. Yeah, it was delicious. We all liked this new taste. It was quite different from what all of us use to eat regularly in our day to day life.

McCain Tandoori Vege Nuggets

Now this form of McCain smiles has become a routine in our family and I am sure that if you too try this once, it will become a regular routine food in your family also. Try it and enjoy it and if you want to know more about McCain snacks, just log on to their web site :

McCain Potato Cheese Shotz

I am sharing the above recipe for you with a surety that smiles of my daughters will be doubled as it’s a normal saying that smiles are doubled when shared. Please view the video of the delicious Mc Cain snacks embedded below :

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