Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Bedtime rituals and the most reliable Pampers !

Few years ago when we got our first baby, it was indeed a great pleasure for all of us. The whole family enjoyed & played with the baby. We too were delighted with every minute that we passed with her. She was so cute, so sweet. Day usually passed while all the family members playing  with her. One or other person always took the baby in lap & enjoyed every minute. It was a toy for my mom & my father, a toy that used to smile, laugh as well cry. It was only late night when we used to get the baby with us. And that was the time for us to enjoy with her.

What a time it was. Great feelings, great enjoyment. We used to play till late hours with her. One of my friend asked us to use Diapers at night so that baby could sleep easily. We purchased few packets & started using it every night.

My wife used to sing songs so that baby could sleep. But we just could not understand that why she started crying after every few minutes. Sometime, we started telling the baby, stories of our childhood on which she always laughed loudly. We used small toys to attract her attraction & put her to sleep. One of our routine home made song was :

Nini Nini aa ja,
Chone bete nu aa ja,
Papa de bete nu aa ja,
Mama de bete nu aa ja

She used to smile & laugh loudly on listening this song, but it seemed quite difficult for us to take the baby to sleep. We checked with our friends but none could give us a satisfactory answer. We used to give her Gripe water thinking that she has some gastic problem. But it was of no use.

Pampers India logo

It was just by chance that the diapers that we had purchased were finished & I went to the chemist shop to buy few more packs. But this time the chemist offered us a different brand – Pampers - at a bit higher price. I agitated & asked him to give the older brand that we used earlier. His reply was quite stunning for us. He said that the older brand that we purchased earlier was not a quality product. He explained that the old diaper keeps dry only the outer area while the inner side is totally wet and as a result, baby can’t sleep properly.

Pampers India cover

I was shocked. I understood that why my baby is unable to sleep properly at night. I immediately purchased few packs of Pampers came back. My wife was equally shocked. It was our fault and the result was extreme torture for our baby i.e. to sleep in the internally wet diapers.


The minute, we used Pampers on our baby, she started sleeping normally. It was a great relief for all of us. Now if anyone asks me on the issue, I just recommend Pampers as these are absolutely reliable as one pamper is equal to one dry night for your baby.


You too can know more about Pampers from the link : http://www.rewardme.in/tag/PampersIf you wish to understand it more properly, you must view the embedded video : 

I am sure that you have rightly understood that your baby requires PAMPERS and nothing else as these are the most reliable Dry pants. It’s a safe & most reliable product for the good health of your baby. 

Pics have been taken with thanks from the Indiblogger page as well from the link : http://www.rewardme.in/tag/Pampers.

Befikar Umar Bhar with IDBI Federal Whole Life Insurance Policy !

Life is never without constraints. There is always something that tries to hold you back by one way or other. This results into drop of hopes, desires, aspirations and a lot more. But in case one takes a right decision at the appropriate time, he can be Befikar Umar Bhar. One has to just opt for the Life Insurance at an appropriate time so that there is none to hold him back even when he retires.

In my opinion the real life starts only & only after 60 when you don’t have any responsibilities, when you don’t have any particular work to do. When you have enough time to look after your own desires & aspirations. And that’s the time when you must have enough financial backing, so that you can live happily ever after.

We can say, there are tremendous desires and they crop up one after the other. The minute one is fulfilled, there emerges a fresh one with more n more wings to fly. Everyone including me have a lot of desires. My top most five desires can be as below :

1. I want a big bangalow with a garden & a swimming pool or a good Farm house with a pond and a nice cottage, where i can live happily. This must have trees of all varities of fruits & vegetables so that I have no need to go out for buying these things. If it’s in some hilly area, it will be an added benefit as it will be a holiday period 24x7 with all my relatives visiting regularly. It can also be converted into a business for extra earnings as a guest house.

2. Though I have a car, still I would like to have a fleet of cars that include all the top brands  such as the sweet Merc, RR, BMW, Jaguar as well the local Skoda. My utmost desire is to buy the forthcoming new generation car that can fly in the air. You can drive it on the road and you can also fly with it into the sky and land on your roof top.

3. Though I have traveled every corner of India, due to my busy schedule, I could not travel much to other countries. When at 60, I would like to see the entire world alongwith my wife. My travel must include the countries such as UK, USA, Canada, China, Russia, Australia & everything in between. I know it will be a delight for me and I am awaiting for that era.

4. Moreover i want absolute security i.e. no financial crunch, even for the medical emergencies that crop up generally after 60 years of age. Everyone prefers absolutely non dependence on any one else and me too want to live a life i.e. Befikar Umar Bhar.

5. Last but not the least, I want to enjoy the rest of my life. I want to enjoy my life in my farm house, in my flying car, around the word and without any financial crunch. As mentioned above it can be fulfilled only & only if you have taken a right decision at the right age. IDBI Federal Life Insurance Co Ltd offers a suitable Life Insurance policy for everyone. First of all it gives the option of Double payouts i.e. one at the end of the premium term and the other one for those luckiest ones who reach the age of 100. Suppose one has the policy & he reaches 100 years of age, it will be a big joy for him if he gets the lumpsum payout to enjoy the life even after 100. That’s absolutely amazing. Ofcourse, everyone can’t get it, but the few ones who could reach there will be the Luckiest ones.

When one gets his first lumpsum payout, he can go for a worldwide Tour or can opt a big car or can go for a big home or can go for all depending upon the amount of the policy. Means at the age when you have no other source to acquire any thing, or to enjoy life, your own savings in the terms of whole life insurance policy will come to rescue.  It may be your Dream car, your Dream home, your Dream tour with the fun & enjoyment for therest of your life.

You can know much more about it from the link below : IDBI Federal Lifesurance Whole Life - Befikar Umar Bhar Advert.

You can check this link to understand that how you can be befikar, umar bhar : http://bit.ly/BefikarUmarBhar

You can also view the video embedded below to understand everything :

I am sure that you have understood very well that how you can be befikar umar bhar, just by opting a Whole Life Policy from IDBI Federal.

Pics have been taken with thanks from the Link of IDBI Federal and it can be viewed to know more about its whole life insurance policies.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Unconditional love with the ASUS Zenfone – the perfect night life with your valentine !

Everyone in this world wanna have a valentine, that could offer unconditional love and the perfect night life. But do you think it’s possible. Yeah! it’s quite possible if your unconditional love is not a guy or a gal, instead, a cell phone. A mobile that can offer you the unconditional love to the extent that we can see what others can’t; we can do, what others can’t; we can feel, what others can’t and we can enjoy, what others can’t.

If you think it’s not possible, just view the video embedded below & I am sure that you too will get your valentine, the unconditional love :

Strange, you still wanna know that how a mobile phone i.e. ASUS Zenfone can be our ideal valentine. Just read below the 5 reasons, by holding your breath as with this fone, we can see what others can’t; we can do, what others can’t; we can feel, what others can’t and we can enjoy, what others can’t.

1. No mobile can give you a clear pic in the absolute dark. But you can do it with ZenFone™ PixelMaster Camera. We ourselves checked it at the Launch of ASUS at Delhi. We could click absolutely clear pics in the absolute dark. It was incredible & amazing. Taking incredible pictures on an Android phone is a snap with PixelMaster Camera, an exclusive new technology from ASUS. The Zenfone's camera can capture up to 400% more light for photos and videos in low light environments—so you can grab all the action out and that too without a flash. It clearly means that we can see what others can’t see and that too without a flash.

2. Moreover, in the severe cold, while using any phone, we generally get difficulty in the touch. While we press something, we get something else. In that case, we have to press reverse & do that again. But Zenfone has a glove Touch mechanism. Go ahead, slip on your gloves in the cold. With ASUS’s GloveTouch technology, you can do whatever you want to do, while wearing gloves. That’s absolutely a great feeling that others can’t feel.

3. It's an all-new user experience and interface designed to streamline your mobile experience. Featuring an inviting clean layout, vivid color themes animations and intelligent functionality, -ASUS ZenUI is designed for you to cope with your daily needs, express yourself and connect you wherever you go. It is an experience that boldly reinterprets what a mobile device's interface can do. It clearly means that we can do what others can’t do.

4. It not only helps to organize our busy life, but also understands our demands, releases us from life's stresses and allows our focus on more important things. With ZenFone™, we can enjoy ourself by expressing and sharing our knowledge with those that matter most to us. It means, we can enjoy with our ASUS ZenFone which is not that possible with other devices.

5. The feather in the cap is that it’s price range starts from a meager Rs. 5,000 only and it gives us the great feeling of ASUS Zenfone at an affordable price. Yes we can have it at the best price and we can see what others can’t, we can do, what others can’t, we can feel, what others can’t and we can enjoy, what others can’t. What else you can expect from your valentine ?

Facts and pics have been taken with THANKS from ASUS Zenfone Website i.e. http://www.asus.com/campaign/zenfone/IN/ . You can buy ASUS Zenfone very easily from the Flipkart from the link i.e. http://www.flipkart.com/asus . Come on, let us promote this great product : #UnconditionalLove Advert