Sunday, November 25, 2018

Air Pollution - Shockingly, the situation is very grim in Delhi - Top Post on Indiblogger

Delhiites faced the worst ever Air Pollution crisis on the Diwali Night and there was none to utter a word on this mega failure of the concerned agencies. We Tweeted the details to our elected representatives on that very night itself. We forwarded the figures to various Air Quality experts who are regularly visible on the media, for the guidance over such a severe crisis. But we got no answer from anyone. Probably to keep mum is the better option, when the things are visibly out of control.

Please go through various screenshots embedded below, to understand the gravity of the situation on that night in Delhi:

Anand Vihar
PM 10 - 3744
37 times of the permissible limits

Ashok Vihar
PM 10 - 4184
42 times of the permissible limits

PM 10 - 1896, PM 2.5 - 1241
19 & 21 times of the permissible limits

Jahangir Puri
PM 10 - 4499, PM 2.5 - 3201
45 & 53 times of the permissible limits

Nehru Nagar
PM 10 - 3316, PM 2.5 - 2698
33 & 50 times of the permissible limits

Okhla Phase 2
PM 10 - 2974, PM 2.5 - 2555
30 & 43 times of the permissible limits

PM 10 - 2160, PM 2.5 - 1922
22 & 32 times of the permissible limits

R K Puram
PM 10 - 2925, PM 2.5 - 2301
29 & 38 times of the permissible limits

PM 10 - 2688, PM 2.5 - 2348
27 & 39 times of the permissible limits

Vivek Vihar
PM 2.5 - 3388
56 times of the permissible limits

PM 2.5 - 4659
78 times of the permissible limits

Isn't it SHOCKING that while Delhiites were forced to bear the Pollution levels of up to 78 times of the PM2.5 & up to 45 times of the PM10, our Elected representatives are mum over this very serious issue? Moreover, while we are shouting here over the pollutants of Extreme levels of PM10 & PM2.5, we don't even know the exact figures of the pollutant PM 1, which is not being measured or at least not being shared by any of the official agencies, though it is much more dangerous & much more harmful for the humans.

Shockingly, the situation is very grim but we are not yet serious over the issue.

B S Vohra
Environment Activist,
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front - Federation

Friday, November 9, 2018

Festival of Lights or the Festival of Pollution - Top Post on Indiblogger

Can you believe that Delhi was in the Grip of the most severe pollution last night? The levels were so high that it was difficult to breathe for all those having any respiratory issues or other medical problems. It was an acute stage of the Medical emergency all over. I know you won't believe it. So why don't you have a look at the screenshots captured by me last night?

Have you ever thought, ever heard about the Pollution levels of up to 77 times of the permissible limits? This was what we had to bear last night in the city which is the National Capital. It was Scary. It was horrible. It was the most polluted all over the City. The levels of pollution were fluctuating and touching the higher peaks every second minute in almost every part of Delhi.

We just kept on Tweeting to our Elected representatives, warning them of the consequences that may come out of such high polluting levels in the City. But there was no option for anyone of us as the entire city was celebrating the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS - known as DIWALI. It's a great festival - A festival of Lights, Sweets, Gifts, but don't know how it got attached with the crackers and has now turned into the FESTIVAL OF POLLUTION by our own actions.

Since morning I have asked it from all the Air Quality Experts, that include Ms. Sunita Narain, Ms. Anumita Roy Choudhury, Dr. Gufran Beig, that is it possible for the humans to breathe at the pollution levels of up to 77 times of the permissible limits? If one has no option but to breathe in such extreme conditions, what will happen to the human lungs? How long an individual can survive in such difficult conditions? What will happen to the vegetation as well as the Birds & animals on the streets as well as the pets inside? Still awaiting the reply.

B S Vohra
Environment Activist, President,
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front - Federation

Our review of Tata Motors - Tata Hexa via Indiblogger - visible on Tata Motors Website

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Signature Bridge - yet another Land Mark of Delhi

The  675-meter Signature Bridge has been inaugurated today. The beauty of the bridge will make it a yet another landmark of Delhi. The bridge boasts of 127 strands of back-stay cables, spherical bearings of 17,300-tonne vertical capacity, pendulum bearing to resist uplift of 6,300 tonnes, and transportation and handling of 460-tonne pylon base segment and is being projected as India’s first asymmetrical cable-stayed bridge, with the gesture ‘namaste’ - HT says.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Bala Sahib Hospital or the ruins of some old dynasty?

Ýamuna - Once it was the LifeLine of Delhi

Why it's not a river but a dirty drain back home?

The natural beauty of Jim Corbett

Delhi to Jim Corbett via Gajraula

Clarks Exotica at Jim Corbett National Park

Clarks Exotica -Jim Corbett Tiger reserve

Clarks Exotica at Jim Corbett

Clarks Exotica - a perfect resort at Jim Corbett

Amazing views inside the Jim Corbett National Park

Clarks Exotica, Jim Corbett, Uttarakhand

Clarks Exotica at Jim Corbett - a cool place

Clarks Exotica - Jim Corbett - Night view

Clarks Exotica Jim Corbett - beautiful night lamp

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Featured posts on Indiblogger

Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand

Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand - the thrills of a huge Jungle - amidst the beauty of nature - with Tigers, Elephants, Leopards proving their presence every minute - a great experience - absolutely amazing - with invisible boundaries between humans and animals - just self resistance from both the sides - don't enter the territory of others, ELSE - Survival of the fittest - the only rule of the Jungle.

It was a fine morning and we left by car for the Jim Corbett at around 7 AM. The initial hour was in the traffic jam at around Ghaziabad & Hapur. The road was good after that till Moradabad. But after Moradabad, there was a mixture of good and bad roads, and we reached our Hotel at around 1 pm.

In between, Gajraula was the perfect spot for some rest as the place has almost all the brands such as Bikanerwala, McDonald, Domino, KFC, Ananda, many local but good hotels, Kulladwala, Udupiwala as well the 50% discount shops of Nike, Reebok, and all others.

Our resort at the Jim Corbett was a perfect one, It was in the middle of the Jungle, with all the 5-star amenities. It was a package deal with all the breakfast, lunch & dinner as well as the Jeep Safari, so there was no tension and we were exactly in a mood of relaxation. The thrilling shrieks of Elephants, Tigers, Leopards were quite exciting and we were having the amazing and exciting time at the resort.

The next morning we woke up at 4 am and were ready for the Jeep Safari at 5 AM. We were on the road towards the inner zone of Jim Corbett. The Air was fresh with no pollutants at all. The Jungle looked amazing and attractive. We spotted a Tiger and an Elephant, but from some distance. It was thrilling. We recorded a few videos at the river point, even though it was very dangerous as the wild animals could come anytime to quench their thirst in the neat and clean waters, amidst the Jungle.

It was a great experience with a quality resort, quality food, and the perfect ambiance. We enjoyed our two nights stay at the resort. Surprisingly, there were no boundaries between our resort and the Jungle. It was all open. But the common saying was that don't enter into the domains of others, i.e. you are not supposed to enter the jungle on your own, and the wild animals don't come to the human areas until forced. If anyone breaks the Jungle rule, it's the survival of the fittest after that.

Why it's not a river but a dirty drain, back home?

We were at the Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand and as usual, the visuals of the river were a pleasant surprise for our eyes, with neat and clean water and no pollutants at all.

My daughter had a very simple question that how this neat and clean water gets that much stinking and polluted that it resembles a drain? Why it's not a river but a dirty drain, back home? 

Truly, it's no more a river, no more a lifeline of Delhi as we have converted it into a dirty and a stinking drain. No doubt earlier, it was the lifeline of Delhi, but today you cannot go even nearer to it as it has the dirty and stinking water, the surroundings are covered with filth and garbage and you won't even get a feel of a river as now it resembles a dirty drain.

Hope you have viewed all the vids embedded above depicting the present status of the river Yamuna in Delhi. Don't you think that it's the right time to come forward to save the river Yamuna in order to save our Delhi? 

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Saturday, October 6, 2018

#TheBlindList – An absolute Blind date with the world.

#TheBlindList – An absolute Blind date with the world, in itself has a very significant meaning and if it is connected with the term Travel, it’s truly the most adventurous. Adventurous in the sense that you don’t even know, where you are heading for, how the things would happen and how you would be able to manage.

Truly, I would love to go on such a Blind date with the world and the location may be anywhere in the world or even out of the world. It may be the sharp hills, snowy peaks, airy beaches, great deserts, grasslands, the raining jungles, volcanic fireballs or even the time travel.

I am always willing and ready to go anywhere, on such a blind date, as it would create something new and afresh in my internal as well as the external personality. It will give me the strength to adjust even in the most adverse circumstances.

Moreover, this kind of exploration may give me an opportunity to explore the new world, new possibilities, such as, Martin Waldseemüller, who named the new world “America”, while exploring the coastline of South America, or Columbus who is said to be the first explorer to discover America or I may be the yet another Vasco DI Gama, who is said to have discovered India.

Who knows that the unknown destination would be the Bermuda triangle that may slide me directly to the Mars and hopefully I will be back with the laser guided rockets as well as the UFO’s, to enhance the capabilities of our Air Force.

And who knows the unknown blind date will ship me to the old centuries to meet and interact with the great kings and queens, and hopefully, I would be able to manage some political lessons from the great Birbal or Chanakya.

And hopefully, there would also be a possibility to meet the Karl Benz to view the first car invented by him, or to have the pleasure of meeting The Wright Brothers for a memorable trip on their first aircraft.

It may be a surprise or a shock of my life, it may give me the pleasure or can make me cry, but still I would love to go as I am always willing and ready to #SayYesToTheWorld for #TheBlindList and I am much more curious, open-minded, and eager to have this unforgettable and enriching experience of exploring the world.

And I know it very well that after this great experience of Self-exploration, I will become the Travel inspiration for all those who want to Travel to explore the #BucketList or the #TheBlindList. Must view the LINK to explore the world as only you can tell that Why do you love the world.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Second Featured Post on Indiblogger, in the 5 days

Thanks, Indiblogger for the support. It was our second Featured Post in the 5 days. The first one was on the 28th September and the second one, today on the 2nd October 2018. Feels good that there is someone who appreciates the Good work & supports the Citizen Responsibility. Waiting for the day, when our story will be the Top Blog post on the Indiblogger.

Thanks again.

B S Vohra