Saturday, January 31, 2015

'NO FIKAR, BECH QUIKR', as Chat is always better than a Phone call

In the present era, the technology changes at every split of a second and those who want to be with the latest are constantly looking for the best. As a result, they always have the old & second hand items that must be sold at the earliest possible. At the same time, there are many who can't afford a new product & they want to buy the best out of a second hand product market.

But it’s not very easy to buy or sell the Second hand products. One of my friend purchased a Mobile for 13,000 and just after 3 months, he bought the latest version and the Dealer of mobile phones offered him just 3,000 for his older handset. He checked at QUIKR. Uploaded the pic & the  opted price. Surprisingly, he was able to sell it at 8,500 INR i.e. much above the price offered by a dealer and that too in just a day’s time.

When I checked QUIKR, it looked great as we can sell even the cars, bikes, Mobiles, Electronic products, pets and even the real estate. It has the option of Matrimonials too. Just create an alert & that’s it. You start getting response immediately. I myself added an alert on QUIKR for a website making & my inbox received so many messages instantly.

If you  want to buy or sell any second hand product. You have just two options i.e. a phone call or a chat. The problem with a phone call is that if you publish your mobile number, the call from other side may come at any time, i.e. while you are driving, in a meeting, busy elsewhere and in case you don’t attend, it’s gone.

Moreover by publishing your number, through various other apps, the caller can know about your real identity, your contact address & may even reach your home, that you may not prefer.

But Chat is always better. The three reasons to prefer the chat are as below :

1.           You can do it at your ease. When you are free, you can be online on your mobile by using QUIKR APP or on desktop. You get the buyers & sellers, you can discuss every aspect, you can share data & specifications, you can exchange pics of your products, and the best part is that you can save all that has been discussed for future reference.
2.              Moreover, your contact number is not revealed to the other person. So he can’t disturb you at his will & wish. You can be assured with your privacy. If interested, you may negotiate the deal & if not interested, you can just delete the chat history & block that person from any further communication.
3.         NO FIKAR, CHAT QUIKROnly if you have decided to buy or sell any product, and the deal has been discussed in chat, you can have a personal meeting for the physical verification of the product or to get or pay money and that too at your option. The best part is that, until & unless you share your identity, the other side can never know about you.

Quikr cover

Therefore, a chat is always very safe & secure. But while purchasing anything online, take all the other precautions as many fakes exist online for making big frauds with innocent persons. Therefore, we must rely only on the online portals that are safe & secure. QUIKR is one such safe & secure portal & more about it can be viewed on their website i.e. The best part is that it offers absolutely Free Advertisements and hence you can always say, NO FIKAR, BECH QUIKR.

Pics above have been taken with thanks from the website