Sunday, March 29, 2015

Digital India with Intel inside i.e. Real time in Real sense !

Digital India is a programme to transform our country into a  big digital empowered society and knowledge Economy. The Digital India is transformational in nature and would ensure that Government services are available to citizens electronically.  It would also bring in, public accountability through mandated delivery of government’s services electronically. The basic requirements are a high speed internet connection for availing the facilities under the E - Governance, a Bank account to make the online RTGS  payments on a computer or mobile platform, using a Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or a Mobile handset.

Digital India has three Key aspects i.e. Digital infrastructure as a utility to every citizen, Governance & Services on demand, and, Digital Empowerment of Citizens. The services will be available in realtime from online as well mobile platforms. All the financial transactions will be Electronic & therefore cashless but absolutely safe from hackers. It will be a 2 way communication between citizens & the Government directly through MyGov. It will give employment to over 5 crore persons at various levels as India will become the leader in IT use in Health, Education,  banking & many other sectors. 

In the year 2001, there were around 7 million Internet users in our country & if we could unlock the potential under the banner of Digital India, this figure is likely to cross 550 million by 2018, and Digital India will become the second largest online population in the world. Just that's the reason that the long queue at various Govt. offices for a ration card, for paying taxes, for birth or death certificate, for various permissions, for railway reservation, for   school & college fees payments, and a lot more, has already shortened, as it could be done easily now while sitting in the comforts of our own home or office & that too at the time preferred by us.

Explore Processors

Intel is also supporting the Digital India vision of our Government and it can play a grand role in transforming India into Digital India with Intel inside i.e. Real time in Real sense. While under Digital India, services will be available in Real time, under Intel, we will have the Real Sense technology that revolutionizes the boundaries between human and computer interaction, as it’s the New Dimension in Computing. Moreover, a  digital empowered society and knowledge Economy always prefers the  New & Festive experiences, that only Intel can offer, with more Productivity & no more wires.

It's time for new festive experiences.

The new Intel Atom processors, the wide range of 5th Generation Intel Core processors, Xeon Processor D, the Real sense Intel Technology, Intel’s Tablet range, Smartphones and the Cool Apps are required to transform India into Digital India. You can know much more about Intel and it’s quality products, from the link and promote it by using the Hashtag #DigitalIndia. 

The New Dimension in Computing

We are sure that Digital India with Intel inside will be a great phenomena for the entire world and therefore, we must use the Intel range for transforming India into a Digital India. Pics taken with thanks from

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Happiness in a Bottle !

There are so many little things that can make a person happy. It may be good food for a few or a drink, it may be fun & masti at a pub or at a kitty party. It may be serving the society for a few & looting the society for others. But in reality it’s just a bottle of Coca cola that can make you happy in any state of mind, at any location as well in any journey. Coca Cola is the most refreshing drink for me, and I like it very much, since my childhood and it really makes me happy. I would like to share it with everyone on this Coca Cola International Day of Happiness.

The most surprising factor is that it’s available every where i.e. in every city, every locality and even in the remote villages. We may go anywhere in the world, may not get any suitable food to eat, but will get something known, something common to drink & that’s   coca cola, which is available everywhere. It has become a respectful brand all over the world and people offer it to the guests visiting home or offices. It’s so tasty & delicious that a kid may leave the Milk bottle but will demand more of a Coca Cola.

And the great feature of Coca Cola is that you can take it with any kind of food. It can be taken with your regular home cooked food, with Biryani, with Pratha, with Chole bhature, with Pizza & Macroni, with Tangdi kabab, with paneer tikka as well with chicken. You can take it with Idli and dosa or with Dhokla and poha.

You can take it in hot summers and you will feel so relaxed and so cool. You can take it while rain dancing or in the pub. You can take it in a party or in a marriage ceremony. You can take it along with you as a substitute of water while camping at some remote locations. You can also drink it in winters without cooling it and keep on enjoying your food.

One strange factor is that you may not like food of any specific state and you may refuse to eat any particular type of food or you may be a vegetarian or a non vegetarian, but you will never say NO to the brand Coca cola as it has become a house hold name every where.

The secret of it’s easy availability is that the company has thousands of franchises in every country. It’s locally produced everywhere, using local water but has the standard ingredients. As a result the taste is almost similar, where ever you go as all the franchises have to maintain strict quality standards. A strict vigil is maintained by the company on the local concerns so that consumers could get the best quality.

It has become the most well known brand all over the world & the company is spending crores on advertisements in every city and country. As a result many subsidiary concerns have come into existence giving employment to thousands. As a result it’s also contributing in the growth of every country.

If you are the one who has never ever tasted it, I will just say to go to the nearby shop in your locality & buy a bottle of it & drink it on this Coca Cola International Day of Happiness. It’s not alcoholic so nothing to worry and be assured, you too will really feel HAPPY.

If you want to know much more about Coca Cola, you can just log on to the link to understand it in a much better way. The link to be viewed is : You can also view the video being embedded below to make up your mind & opt for it.

I am sure that I have generated enough positivity in you for Coca cola and you will rush now to your nearby store to get a bottle. So enjoy your Coca cola. Be assured, it’s absolutely refreshing and you will feel much more relaxed & happier on this Coca Cola International Day of Happiness. Pics have been taken with thanks from the Coca Cola Website :

Monday, March 16, 2015

Singapore – Truly a Food Haven for me !

It’s true that Singapore is a Food haven and one can select out of the huge variety of cuisines from Singapore. I like almost everything that relates to Singapore’s cuisine. Truly speaking I have tasted so many cuisines out of the Singapore’s food that now I have developed a good taste for it.

Starting with the 5 versions of Prata. Roti Tissue is very crispy, it comes in the spherical cone shape and it’s paper thin. Roti Plaster is not simply the Prata with egg, instead, it’s served in the dough itself. Chicken Floss Prata is stuffed with light shreds of dried chicken and is very fluffy and if you could try the Red been Prata, it’s so crispy & it oozes so much red bean paste with every bite that you will just love it. In case you are fond of Eggs, you can go for the Prata Benedict that is topped with poached egg, turkey ham and Indian hollandaise sauce. Simply amazing Singapore Cuisines.

I will now tell you about the special cuisines of Serangoon Gardens, the place that I like most, as it has become a hub of foodies, as it has abundance of restaurants, quirky bars and the new concept for all of us i.e. hole – in – the – wall coffee shops. You must taste the Grilled fish served with a tangy chilli sauce which is a local favourite. You can also stand in a line to get another tasty cuisine of Singapore i.e.  oyster omelette – briny whole oysters tossed together in an egg batter then pan-fried to perfection. In case you are still hungry you can try the Duck rice which is the another version of chicken rice. Amongst deserts I liked most the coolest one i.e. ais kacang which has red beans, assorted candied fruits and jelly topped with finely shaved ice and drenched in syrup. You can go to famous bars of the area at night and can get the Dak Gar-Bi (Chicken and Kimchi Paella) and Sogogi Beef Jowl with generous servings of Soju and Soju-based cocktails. All these are worth a try and I am sure you are going to love everything.

In case you are tired by now as Serangoon Gardens are spread in a wider area, you will definitely be looking for something hot to relax. So let me now tell you about the servings of the 4 Cafes of the Singapors’s Beaten Path. I am sure you will love the fine brew in simple, unpretentious cups, alongside menu favourites Eggs Benedict and Kong Bak Pau that takes almost 40 pairs of hands to complete a coffee from germination to percolation. At the next cafe you can go for the coffee, with a good selection of ‘Tummy Fillers’ and sweet treats, amongst which the Madeleines and the Hazelnut Coffee Muffin stand out perfectly. And if you like the colourful vintage furniture, exposed red brick walls and mismatched plates, you can reach the third destination for an extensive dessert menu which ranges from classic staples tiramisu, ├ęclairs and lava cakes, to quirkier experiments such as the popular Root Beer Cake and seasonal Kit Kat Brownie. And if you still have some space left in your big stomach, please don’t miss the crisp and fluffy waffles with a scoop of ice cream on top. And if you would like the appropriate pay-what-you-will amount for a Coffee you must go to the adventurous whale & cloud i.e. the fourth destination.

If you wanna join me during my next trip to Singapore to  eat variety of Pratas or to personally experience the Sarengoon gardens and Beaten path, please feel free to contact me. It will be a fun together at Singapore. In case you want to verify that what I said above is true, you can log on to the link : and i am sure you will join me soon.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Power of being #together with optimism !

I had completed my PHD in Chemical Engineering & had got a call from an American MNC for a top most job. I had completed all the formalities & now it was the time to leave for USA for the bright side of my future.

But as the date of my  departure was nearing, my parents started behaving differently. They developed the strongest feeling that they are going to miss me. They had made up the mind that one who goes to States, never returns.

I was shocked but could not say anything as I loved my parents very much. I was absolutely confused that how to tackle this situation. I spoke to all of my friends & relatives but none could provide me a perfect solution to this problem. I was almost depressed and had thought of shelving my plans to go to USA though I still had almost a month to leave.

As I had no job at that time , I was absolutely a free person and the idea struck my mind. I just decided to spend few days with my parents. I took them to a spiritual journey. We moved from Delhi in a Taxi towards Uttranchal. We had a plan to go to Kedarnath, Badrinath & Hemkund sahib. My parents had never visited these places and therefore they felt very happy on this trip. We spent almost 15 days #together.

A new bond of love & reliability had come into existence in between us in these 15 days. My parents had changed their thinking towards me. There were now a bit more assured that I will never leave them. They started asking me about my new job, about the new country & about the culture there.

It generated a new feeling of optimism in me & I started looking up with a hope to leave for USA but without hurting the sentiments of my parents. Soon they agreed to allow me to go to USA for my new job. I was very happy. It was the most memorable day of my life. It had given me a great motivation.

Soon I was in USA on my new job but I started missing my parents. I checked the prospects of inviting my parents to USA for a month or two. Soon I completed all the formalities & my parents got the Visitors Visa to USA.

And today, they are with me in USA for two months. They too are very happy. They understand that they have to go back to their origins in the coming days but they are assured that all of us have a great future ahead & none is going to miss anyone.

Therefore, one must always Look upwards with positive views and with optimism. The circumstances may be different at different points of time but the optimism in mind can change any situation into the optimistic one. You must log on to the website as it is a most optimistic website offering a wide variety of property, for every taste, in almost every location of India. You can also promote it by tagging @housing or +Housing-com with the hashtag #together and #lookup. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Start A New Life with dignity !

A friend of mine used to live in a rented house. As the rental charges were too high they were willing to shift to some other locality so that money could be saved. But they were absolutely confused as on the one hand the other locality looked to be on the lower side, still there was not much difference in the rentals. Life was going on though they were not at all happy. It was a two room house with attached kitchen and common washroom for few of the residents of that building. Life was busy as he had to join his duty in the early morning & was back only at late hours.

Many a time there was fighting between the residents of that building over the use of parking of scooter, over the use of washroom or over the use of excessive drinking water. Landlord was not willing to do any repairs and the house was not white washed since last many years and it looked as a ghost house.

Once he was very sad & I took him to a known friend of mine who was a property dealer. I asked him to offer him a good house at some reasonable rent. He listened everything and asked us to visit on coming Sunday.

On Sunday I took my friend to the property dealer with a hope for a suitable rented home. The property dealer took us in his car to a flatted house complex being built nearby. He exhibited a 2BHK home with all the facilities. He told that this can be booked on a small payment & the 90% of the amount can be financed & the EMI will be almost equal to the rentals being paid by my friend presently. My friend was thrilled.

We went back to my friends home & discussed everything with his parents & wife. They asked me to wait for a day to decide. I knew it was a very bold decision for them as they had to move out of a rented home to their own home. The rentals being paid were to be adjusted as the EMIs of the bank. It was indeed a big change for them & they wanted some time to think & decide over it.

Next day at early morning, I got a call from my friend. They had taken the very bold decision of shifting to the new home, their own home and they all looked very happy on the START OF A NEW LIFE.

We visited the property dealer & discussed everything. Soon the deed was signed, agreement was made & the registry was done. Soon he got the possession of the new house & the family shifted to their new home. A  home that was very much their own. A  home for which no rentals were to be paid. A home which had  designated space for parking. A home that had a  beautiful attached washroom. A home that had inbuilt pipe line for drinking water. A home that was airy, that had direct sun light entering it, was near a market & hospital. Moreover, a beautiful temple was also near by it.

A single decision though a bold one, had changed everything into the life of my friend. It was the start of a new life for them. They thanked me for taking him to the property dealer which resulted into this mega change into their life.

Therefore we must always LOOK UP for the brighter side of our life. Please view the LOOK UP video being embedded below :

If you too want to START A NEW LIFE, please log on to the web site : If you have any of your friends in similar situation, please share the Blog post  tagging @housing or +Housing-com with the hashtag #StartANewLife. 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Look up with optimism & hope for the future !

Yeah, we must always look up for optimism & hope for the future. We must look towards Mr Arvind Kejriwal of Aam Aadmi Party, who became the chief minister of Delhi & resigned just after 49 days as he had no majority in the house. Though he contested the Lok Sabha against Modi ji but lost his deposit. Still he kept on viewing upwards with optimism & with a great hope for future. The outcome was that in the next Assembly elections of Delhi, he won 67 out of 70 seats & he formed a Government with absolutely no opposition at all.

It clearly proves that we must look up with optimism always and must have great hopes from our future. We must be positive always as one can not achieve any thing from negativity. If we have to build anything i.e. a home or a relationship, it can never be on the base of negativity.

One of my friend had a family tangle. The three brothers were looking in different directions. Father had expired long ago and mother was a sweet lady. Though the business was common, still there was no positive  relations anywhere at the home. The control of the   family business was in the hands of the elder brothers & the younger son was no where.

Soon the younger son got married and his wife became pregnant. They checked the sex of the baby & found it to be a baby girl. The younger son & his wife decided to go for MTP. At that time his elder brothers & mother came to know about it & they all strongly opposed the step. They even warned him that Police will be called & he will be arrested in case he opted for the MTP.

As a result, the younger son could not go for the operation & soon his wife delivered a sweet & cute baby girl. The baby was so cute & so sweet that everyone liked her. Everyone started playing with her. The entire family was almost mad for the laughter of the baby. The elder brothers were happy that the younger one had agreed to their wishes. So they offered him his share in the family business. Even we all were surprised on viewing such a change in the relationship in the family.

Soon they started sitting together on dinner. Soon they stopped fighting on petty issues. Soon they all were one & united. There was now no problem in their business or family relations.

The new born kid had brought a great positive force in the family & they all were thrilled by it.  Soon they started enjoying the relationship without any negativity into it. They started celebrating all the festivals with each other. It was really a joy for everyone.

The above story preached just one thing that we should never be negative. Only the positive thoughts & positive relations can build strong relations.

If you too want to LOOK UP with a great hope for the future, you must log on to the website from the Link : It offers the best opportunities that will make you to always look up with high hopes. You can also twitter your POSITIVE & LOOK UP thoughts at #lookup. 

Pics taken with thanks from the link :

Monday, March 2, 2015

QUIKR Next if you want to buy or sell your car !

Everyone of us want to buy or sell a second hand car. But often it’s difficult to find suitable & reliable contacts. As a result, we may fall in a trap & take a wrong decision. But QUIKR has offered us a great service and that too absolutely at no cost. We can upload a Free Local Classified Advertisement on the QUIKR website, absolutely free, for buying or selling our second hand car. There is an option to choose the make of cars also, on QUIKR NXT.

Quikr cover

We can do it using computer and those who love to be handy always, can just download the QUIKR App. We can go to the Google Pay n download the App. Once the APP is installed, we can chat with different buyers / sellers. 

The best part is that we can hide our mobile number in the Free classified advertisement, so that none is there to disturb us, at every split of a second. The buyers / sellers can leave a message in the chat box & we can contact the desired persons absolutely at our wish & will. In case we find someone irritating unnecessarily, we can block him immediately.

One thing is assured that we will get hundreds & hundreds of messages and therefore we must keep in mind the discussions with various persons. In the ordinary course of dealings, we have to write down everything on a paper to remember various talks. We have to remember the prices offered & negotiated with various buyers / sellers to choose the best option which is absolutely confusing. The advantage with QUIKR is that we need not write anything or everything on paper. In case of any confusion, we can just check the chat history to review various discussions as well offered or negotiated prices.

It’s so easy and so comfortable. We can do it whenever we are FREE. We can chat wherever we are FREE. We can advertise and that too absolutely FREE. What else we may expect from QUIKR. Just view the video below & download the QUIKR APP now :

We can view every detail that we require for uploading our Free classified advertisement or for chatting with various existing sellers on QUIKR from the link below :  

And it’s not just Cars or bikes, we can do as above for our requirements related to Mobiles, Tablets, Electronic equipments, Real estate, pets etc. We can also look for the job opportunities, matrimonial, various services as well Community, events, education & entertainment. 

So one thing is absolutely sure that once we are on QUIKR, we can always be without any FIKAR. Therefore, whenever we want to buy or sell our existing car, it should be QUIKR NEXT.

Quikr logo

Pics & vids with thanks from the Indiblogger Page, as well QUIKR vids on YouTube. Make it sure that it's QUIKR NXT.