Thursday, December 24, 2015

Star Wars – The awakened force

HP Star Wars Force tracked, that certain Aliens were trying to land on the Mars. The Star Wars team rushed immediately towards the Mars, by using their latest HP Star Wars Rockets. The HP rocket had the lightening speed and in minutes Star Wars Force reached the Mars.

There were a certain new breed of Aliens that were quite similar to the Owls on our Earth, but had long hands and long legs with certain laser beams through small control panels in their hands.

Star Wars Force started observing them from a suitable distance. It seemed that the Aliens were trying to make the Mars a base for their future operations. But as it was a day time on the Mars, the Owl Aliens were not able to see anything.

The Star Wars Force used the HP Special Edition Star Wars Notebook and made a virtual screen to cover the entire sky of Mars. They enlightened the sky with lights similar to the impression of the day time on the Mars.

As a result, it was a day for ever on the mars and Owl Aliens were not able to view anything for days. At last, they rushed towards their planes and left the Planet.

HP Star Wars Force started following them and soon they reached the small planet of Owl Aliens. It was very sad and shocking view on that small planet. There was no food there and a large number of Owl Aliens were starving.

HP Star Wars Force observed that, it was a day there and as a result, Owl Aliens were not able to see anything due to excessive light, for a long time and that had resulted in no work, no food and starvation.

HP Star Wars Force rushed back a team to the earth for bringing food pills for the Owl Aliens. Another team used the HP Special Edition Notebook for the second time and made a virtual screen to cover the entire sky of that small planet and used black lights to darken the planet.

Within minutes, Owl Aliens were able to see everything. In the meantime, the HP Star Wars Team came back from the earth with food pills. The owl Aliens were served food pills and soon they all were well. The Owl aliens started laughing, giggling and dancing with joy. Some of them were singing in their own voices with very funny sounds. The HP star wars team was enjoying those funny faces even though they were the aliens on a remote planet.

The owl aliens invited the HP Star Wars Force into their planet and shared various secrets with them. While coming back, the owl aliens gifted so many precious items and begged for the HP Special Edition Star Wars notebook. HP Star Wars Force Smiled and gifted the HP Special Edition Star Wars Notebook to the Owl Aliens.

Owl Aliens were very happy as they had a great power in their hand in the shape of HP Special Edition Star Wars Notebook and hence they were able to convert the day into a night and so no more starvation.

The HP Star Wars Force was happy, as the latest HP Star Wars Note Book had made it possible to move at the lightening speed as well to make the huge virtual screens and probably it was the first time when they had served a community of Aliens without firing even a single shot. It was a great victory as the Aliens were now friends. If you too wish to #AwakenYourForce, you must log on to : .

Saturday, December 12, 2015


Chandigarh is a beautiful city, well planned, absolutely green, with wider roads, beautiful lake, rose garden, rock garden and a rocking sector 17’s big market. Though after my birth our family shifted to Delhi & since than we are settled in Delhi but whenever we get the opportunity to visit the City Beautiful, it gives me a real proud feeling as it’s my Birth place too.

The City Beautiful is quite different from any other city. It has been designed in such a way that all the houses in a locality have similar patterns. It gives a beautiful view to a newcomer to the city. Almost every house has a small or big garden with many fruit trees.

The roads are really wider and you rarely find the kind of traffic jam that we regularly face at Delhi. Though for the local residents, the roads have become a bit narrower due to increase in vehicles, but ask a Delhi wala and he will find the roads a real fun to Drive. The traffic police there is very strict. You will find them alert at almost every corner, ready to catch any offender, with the Challan books.

The housing pattern is so designed that all the house numbers are in a pattern. If you are a new comer, after reaching the desired locality, you can just keep on driving slowly to reach your destination. The people are connected with each other in a very friendly manner. They celebrate all the festivals together with true spirits. It is very cold there in winters, though summers are not that hot as we face at Delhi. The weather is really nice.

The city was planned by the French architect Le Corbusier at the instance of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru. It is located at the foothills of Shivalik. It has derived the word CHANDI from the Chandi Mandir, a temple of the goddess of power and the word GARH was derived from a fort nearby. So it was named CHANDIGARH i.e. the fort of goddess of power. It’s alternatively been called and known as the CITY BEAUTIFUL.

Even though the city has Industrial areas, but these are strictly reserved for the non polluting & light industries and therefore the city remains almost pollution free always. The population of the city is not even 1 / 20th of our Delhi and therefore waste management works perfectly smoother with no garbage at any corner.

If you want to see the perfect example of a well designed & a planned city in an urban area, with modern architecture, you must visit the City Beautiful at least once, for a real time experience and I am sure that you would like to have your own dwelling home in this CITY BEAUTIFUL.

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Thursday, December 10, 2015


In this modern world of Social media, we have a large number of friends on WhatsApp and Facebook. We have a large number of Followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We chat regularly with them. We like each others post regularly, but in reality, we never meet, as we don’t even know them properly. This is the reality of the modern world.

We keep our self busy on our smart phones doing hi and hello and liking various posts even without understanding the content. Once I viewed a post on FB where someone had mentioned that one of his close relatives had expired. The post had many messages saying RIP in different ways, but surprisingly, that post was liked by a large number of persons, even without understanding the content of the message.

Even you can try it once. Just post on your FB that you have some severe medical emergency and want someone to take you to the hospital. The only reply you will get will be Oh, Ah, Sad, Very bad, but with a large number of LIKES as something great has happened.

If you call them, your friends or a real friendship or if you feel proud on those likes, you are no more than a fool, living in a fools paradise. In this real world, we don’t require the virtual friends. We require the friendship with real human beings who can understand your feelings and sentiments.

Yaari and dosti can never be understood in Facebook likes. Yaari dosti means you can sit together, eat together, laugh together and enjoy together. Friends are truly the persons who are always willing to meet you in person. They are ready to help you, in case of any emergency and they are always ready to SHARE A HUG, whatever the circumstances may be.

So, it will be a better option for all of us that in spite of having a large number of virtual friends, we must have at least a few real & true friends who can join us personally to celebrate responsibility by a true Yarii & true dosti because a real hug from a close friend gives a real boost to the sentiments, emotions as well sensibility.


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Disclaimer : This post is intended for audience above 25 years.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sugar Free Natura - Pineapple, Apple Custard !

Sugar Free Natura - Pineapple, Apple custard is really very tasty and delicious. It's also very easy to make it. You require a bowl of Milk, three spoon custard powder, pineapple slices, apple slices, dry fruit and Sugar Free Natura.

Now take three spoons of custard powder in a bowl. Pour some milk in it and mix it properly. Take another bowl and pour milk in it and put it for boiling. When the milk boils, mix the custard powder as above in it and keep on stirring.

Add the Sugar Free Natura as per your taste and mix the custard in the serving bowl. Once in the serving bowl, we will add the pineapple slices, apple slices, dry fruit in it and let it cool for some time. After that, just put the serving bowl in the Fridge to get it colder.

The Custard is ready for serving. Just taste it and i am sure you will like it. You will like it as it is so easy to make and you have no worries as instead of sugar, we have added sugar free natura to keep you in good shape. If you want to know more about Sugar Free Natura, please log on to :