Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Meet, that changed smelly to smiley !

Though I get regular messages from indiblogger, I never took much interest as first of all I don’t like to go alone n secondly, can’t really adjust in the ho halla that’s expected  in such kind of meets. 

Reason : I am a different type of person. A Blogger but with a social cause. Wanna serve the society. Wanna chat n discuss about our meets with DERC so that the power tariff could come down Wanna chat n discuss about the DJB, about dirty water being supplied, about waterloging in the city, potholes, sanitation, power outages, RWAs, FDI, inflation, politicians etc. etc. & ofcourse about our RTIs on various issues and you can find me on various TV channels on various social issues.
Donno how, i decided to visit the Ambipur meet, filled the participation forms n reached the spot alongwith Sonia - my wife who is also a very active Blogger with our SikhsIndia Blog. 

The meet started with Nihal and OMG what was that ? All the bloggers were just laughing, banging their heads….OMG.....it looked like a MAD MAD MAD House or a mad mad mad world.

But very soon I realized that it was not a mad house instead a fun filled event where youngsters had ample opportunities to express. It was not just a promotional event of P&G for Ambi Pur, instead it offered us to meet a wide variety of bloggers from the city as well NCR region with different causes, interests, technicalities & so on. They were from different age groups, from the mere 13 years old to the grown ups & matures, all there, under the single roof, laughing, shouting, enjoying the fun filled event.

All the Bloggers actively participated in various activities & expressed themselves in the best possible manner. And lastly the skits, though promotional in nature, again offered ample opportunities to the audience. They were divided in 8 teams & given few minutes to not only to make a promotional skit but also to perform it on the stage. Great fun indeed ! All the teams performed well, with their own themes, their own stories, generated there itself, in few minutes with all the born n natural actors. Good job ! Great efforts ! I just sprayed AMBI PUR to convert the smelly ones into smiley ones.

And finally, i had to change my opinion, atleast about the indiblogger meets. Instead of mere Ho Halla, it was a great experience, a great opportunity to meet all lot of friends from various cultures, different fields, different age groups but with one thing in common. Yeah, we all were INDIBLOGGERS.

Definitely three cheers for the entire indiblogger team, that was quite friendly and thanks from my wife to all there as she really enjoyed a lot. Thanks to Ambipur as it changed the smelly to smiley in a short span. 

And one thing is sure that now onwards i would like to attend all the indiblogger meets in Delhi & around (subject to my time restraints), and in case i could not reach the spot due to my other social activities, my wife will definitely be there, in the indiblogger meets as a co blogger. In that case, please don't forget to meet me at the link below :http://www.youtube.com/user/RWABhagidari/videos

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