Thursday, May 14, 2015

My Mom – the first expert of my life, till her death !

 #myfirstexpert story !

It was 15th October, 2014. At around 3 pm I got a call from my younger brother that our mother was not well and she was being shifted to a nearby hospital. On reaching there I found her in ICU with her left side absolutely numb, without any movement and while speaking she was fumbling. Doctors present there at Vaishali hospital told that once she is stable, we will go for an MRI.  

A senior doctor visited that private hospital after almost four hours and within minute alarm bells were sounded by him. We were told that she was at a critical stage and must be shifted to other hospital immediately. We rushed her to  a  bigger hospital in Delhi and after an immediate MRI, we were told that a major part of her brain was dead & there was no hope of her survival as she had a brain stroke.

We all were shocked. It was quite unexpected. We were shivering out of fear. We waited at the gates of ICU for three days while praying to the God almighty for her good health. But on 18th October at around 11.30 am she expired. We took her to our home, but due to such a big shock, we had become so dumb that we knew nothing that what was to be done next.

Till she was alive, she was our first expert. We used to ask everything from her. We used to discuss everything with her. But the things were quite different on that day. She was on her death bed, lying silently in front of us. I wanted to ask her about her last rites. I even asked a lot through my mind and heart. But she was absolutely silent. She did not utter even a single word. I just cried, cried & cried, but probably this was the first time, she was not answering. I looked absolutely helpless in the absence of my first expert.

Anyhow, we did everything that we had learned from her in the early days, but probably for the first time, without her consultations. Till date, we cry at least once a day. We miss her a lot. We will always miss her a lot as she was our mother. She was our First expert. She taught us how to speak, how to eat, how to walk, how to write, how to smile, how to laugh and her last lesson taught us that how to cry.

Almost seven months have passed, but there is not even a single day when her memories Are not there in our mind. Even now she is very much alive in our thoughts, in our heart, in our mind, in our brain. On the very first day after her death, she came to us in our dreams and asked us to not to let her go. She even cried as she was not intending to go elsewhere. But we were helpless. We had no options. We asked her to stay in our hearts & asked her to visit us regularly in our dreams. And till date, there is not even a  single night when she is not with us in our sweet dreams.

Our first expert was really very sweet, very cute, polite, soft spoken and a very well educated lady. She was always there whenever and wherever we expected her. A teacher, philosopher  and a true guide. She even helped my kids to come up with a better way. She acted as a mediator in case we had any interaction with our father. She acted as a big shield to save us from the entire world. But we could do nothing to save her from the cruel hands of destiny as the Doctors at the Vaishali Hospital were responsible for her death as they were absolutely negligent.

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