Friday, July 10, 2015

Dabur Honey to stay fit & healthy, even in summers

Now a day’s street food has become the lifeline of Delhiite’s, and that’s what we call crazy eating as Delhiite's are really crazy for a variety of eatables available in every locality. It may be Pizza or Pasta, Idly, Dosa or Utpam, Chole Bhature or Momo’s, a stuffed Aloo Paratha with curd and butter or Samosa and Kachori. It may be Ice cream, Gulab Jamun, Ras Gulla, Ras Malai, Kulfi, Halwa or a big glass of Juice from the juice corners available in every part.

The outcome is the fattest, increase in body weight, High blood pressure or Sugar. Therefore, it becomes necessary to make a regular visit to the area Gym to maintain the body weight and those willing for immediate results, often go for the crash diets for weight reduction which may be very harmful as these crash diets make an adverse impact on the body.

Instead of opting for the crash diets, we must go for the balanced and a healthy diet to stay fit and to be far away from being obese. The benefits are that we will have no urgency to visit a doctor regularly. We will have no urgency to continue with regular medicines. We will have more energy to do the positive thinking and more work to achieve targets of our life. 

A simple example of the balanced and a healthy diet is   Honey with natural sugar.  It contains all the essential nutrients such as carbohydrates, minerals, amino acids, proteins as well vitamins. It provides energy without building heat and therefore it’s very much ideal even for summers. It has lesser calories when compare to sugar. It helps in digestion also. It has the moisturizing and nourishing properties and therefore very useful for beautiful skin. Moreover, it’s said by our elders that we can have our complete weight management by having a spoon of honey with warm water in the morning, regularly. It’s very useful even in the cough & cold.

It can very easily be added to our daily diet. We can replace sugar with honey to stay healthy and fit. We can use it in milk, tea or coffee. We can add it in juices instead of sugar. We can have it with bread. We can use it in every product where we are so far using sugar. As it’s much sweeter than sugar, we can reduce its quantity also when compared to sugar. As a result, we can save ourselves, not only from the bad impact of sugar, but at the same time, can remain fit and healthy with this natural sugar.

You can have detailed information about the branded Dabur honey from the Honey Diet  Link that reflects their website, i.e. It’s safe for human consumption as it has been filtered & processed to remove the impurities such as pollen, wax and dust.

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