Thursday, December 10, 2015


In this modern world of Social media, we have a large number of friends on WhatsApp and Facebook. We have a large number of Followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We chat regularly with them. We like each others post regularly, but in reality, we never meet, as we don’t even know them properly. This is the reality of the modern world.

We keep our self busy on our smart phones doing hi and hello and liking various posts even without understanding the content. Once I viewed a post on FB where someone had mentioned that one of his close relatives had expired. The post had many messages saying RIP in different ways, but surprisingly, that post was liked by a large number of persons, even without understanding the content of the message.

Even you can try it once. Just post on your FB that you have some severe medical emergency and want someone to take you to the hospital. The only reply you will get will be Oh, Ah, Sad, Very bad, but with a large number of LIKES as something great has happened.

If you call them, your friends or a real friendship or if you feel proud on those likes, you are no more than a fool, living in a fools paradise. In this real world, we don’t require the virtual friends. We require the friendship with real human beings who can understand your feelings and sentiments.

Yaari and dosti can never be understood in Facebook likes. Yaari dosti means you can sit together, eat together, laugh together and enjoy together. Friends are truly the persons who are always willing to meet you in person. They are ready to help you, in case of any emergency and they are always ready to SHARE A HUG, whatever the circumstances may be.

So, it will be a better option for all of us that in spite of having a large number of virtual friends, we must have at least a few real & true friends who can join us personally to celebrate responsibility by a true Yarii & true dosti because a real hug from a close friend gives a real boost to the sentiments, emotions as well sensibility.


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Disclaimer : This post is intended for audience above 25 years.

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