Friday, March 11, 2016

Latest 4G Technology, powered by Octacore !

Twenty years ago I had purchased my first mobile handset, with no internet & with no camera at all. My second one was a small 2 inches by 5 inches Samsung mobile with one inch screen with internet and a 1.2 MP camera. When I could open Google on it, it looked amazing to me and I rushed to show it to my parents. Speed at that time was amazing 128 kbps and that looked great to me as I could open my mail box over it and could click pictures also. The speed of internet connection on my Desktop at that time was 256 kbps with 500 MB monthly.

Technology changed and then came the big touch screen phones with massive screens, and I purchased one with a 5 MP camera in it along with FB and many other features. It was really awesome to find FB on your mobile with great 2G / 3G connectivity. The speed of internet on my desktop at that time was 1 MBPS with 5 GB monthly.

Technology changed again and it was the whatsApp era now on the smartphones with 3G. So bought the Android mobile with big 5 inches of screen, 13 MP Camera and a lot more features that included rear & front camera making everyone a Selfie Master.

But Soon it changed to the Broadband. The speed of the Internet now on my Desktop was 10 MBPS with 40 GB monthly with a WiFi Router connecting many devices. Now my handset has been always open for one of my E mail accounts, FB, Twitter, WhatsApp and so on.

It also created a big problem because when you are out of the range of your wifi connectivity, the 3G Data card looked so obsolete, so slow that you can’t work smoothly while on the go.

And than came  the era of 4G i.e. internet on the go. It offered the high speed internet connectivity while moving from one place to another or while away from your WiFi. It works better on a mobile suitable for a 4G sim powered by OctacoreSo i have now taken a 4G mobile with a 4G Sim for smooth working, anywhere, anytime. Thanks to the new technology.

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