Monday, April 4, 2016

Radiating Mobile Towers of Delhi !

Sometime ago we did a random check of the mobile towers in our area with two 'NARDA' machines for a day, along with two teams, to work on that. We started moving our car randomly, to find the towers with maximum carriers and the two teams followed us. We checked various towers but the outcome was nil, as all the towers ranked within the range, may be due to the fixing of outcome. The video recording of that event is being shared below :

In continuation of our efforts, a day ago, we invited a top official team, for a random check at few locations. This time these were the officials from a top rated Govt department, doing the random checking of mobile towers in our area. Though they were not allowed to share with us their findings, we could easily understand the status of the Tower checked in front of us.  

Though i can not share the outcome figures on this public platform, but yes, it was high, the tower was emitting radiation. The peak was much above the prescribed limit. We have requested the team to visit us again with more sophisticated equipment for random checking at various locations. Hopefully, they will revert to us in a day or two. We will share the findings with you very soon.

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B S Vohra

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