Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Lufthansa is more Indian than you think !

You may think like Indians, relax like Indians, eat like Indians, play like Indians, dance like Indians, as well fly like Indians, but still, you can not beat the Indians. In fact, you cannot even beat like the Indians, because you are not an Indian.

The Indian way of thinking is definitely a unique contributor to our success. Our thinking is truly based on our Traditions and values that we have got from our ancestors and that we start learning, even before our birth. Our thinking is based on the lessons that we have learnt from Geeta, Quran, Bible & Guru Granth Sahib.

Moreover, we are too fast in adopting all the modern techniques also. Truly, we the Indians are a great combination of our traditional values, as well the latest modern techniques available all around. That’s the reason, Indians are regularly visible in almost every part of the world, on the Top most positions.

For example, Satya Nadella - the CEO of Microsoft,  Indra Krishnamurthy Nooyi - the CEO of PepsiCo, Shantanu Narayen - the CEO of Adobe, Surya Mohapatra - the CEO of  Osborn Group, Ajay Banga - the CEO of Master Card, are amongst the Top most Indians worldwide.

Similarly Francisco D'Souza with Cognizant's global delivery, marketing and sales, Sanjay Mehrotra with San Disk, Dinesh C Paliwal with Harman International, Sanjay Jha with Motorola, Ravichandra Saligram with Richie Bros Auctioneers, are amongst the top notch Indians worldwide.

Even the Google has seven persons of the Indian origin of its prominent positions. The list is so big that it will be very difficult to note down all the names on a paper.  

The above description clearly indicates about my ideologies also.  I love everything that belongs to Indian Culture, Indian traditions as well Indian values.

I faced a very tough situation in my life when we came to know that my father was suffering from the last stage of cancer and he had no more than a year to survive. These were only our Indian ideologies and values, that made all of us, to smile together, even in those critical moments, and that resulted in the enhancement of the life of my father by almost four years. Though he departed years ago, our eyes still become wet on thinking about him, but we have the relief, that he could survive for almost four and half years, even in that difficult situation.

We are truly the Proud Indians. In the same manner, Lufthansa has also become more Indian than you think. The minute you board, you get a pleasant voice in your ears saying NAMASTE. It has appointed 200 Indian Flight attendants, as Lufthansa has understood very well that there are no better hosts than Indians. While in the air, we are offered a truly Indian Meal, a cup of Garam Chai, along with the Bollywood Blockbusters, Indian radio channels as well the News papers in Hindi. Even you must try the LINK, to view and understand that there are many concerns, who have now become more Indian, than you think. 

Pics used with thanks to Lufthansa and #MoreIndianThanYouThink

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