Monday, July 10, 2017

B S Vohra with RJ Raunac on RED FM 63.5, BAJAATE RAHO

Though i am a regular on various TV channels for raising various social & civic issues, it was indeed a great opportunity, a great experience, while being LIVE on a Radio and that too the Top most FM channel : RED FM 93.5 Bajate Raho, alongwith the Top ranking RJ Raunac.

We had raised the issue of WaterLogging in Delhi in a different manner and it was covered by various TV channels & Print media. It was a surprise for me when i got a call from Rohan, saying that they want me in the Studio of REd FM for a live show with RJ Raunac. Indeed a great experience as i was Live on the Red FM for many days in continuation and the issue closed when we floated a Boat on the Delhi roads in the waterlogging due to a DJB burst.

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