Friday, November 9, 2018

Festival of Lights or the Festival of Pollution - Top Post on Indiblogger

Can you believe that Delhi was in the Grip of the most severe pollution last night? The levels were so high that it was difficult to breathe for all those having any respiratory issues or other medical problems. It was an acute stage of the Medical emergency all over. I know you won't believe it. So why don't you have a look at the screenshots captured by me last night?

Have you ever thought, ever heard about the Pollution levels of up to 77 times of the permissible limits? This was what we had to bear last night in the city which is the National Capital. It was Scary. It was horrible. It was the most polluted all over the City. The levels of pollution were fluctuating and touching the higher peaks every second minute in almost every part of Delhi.

We just kept on Tweeting to our Elected representatives, warning them of the consequences that may come out of such high polluting levels in the City. But there was no option for anyone of us as the entire city was celebrating the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS - known as DIWALI. It's a great festival - A festival of Lights, Sweets, Gifts, but don't know how it got attached with the crackers and has now turned into the FESTIVAL OF POLLUTION by our own actions.

Since morning I have asked it from all the Air Quality Experts, that include Ms. Sunita Narain, Ms. Anumita Roy Choudhury, Dr. Gufran Beig, that is it possible for the humans to breathe at the pollution levels of up to 77 times of the permissible limits? If one has no option but to breathe in such extreme conditions, what will happen to the human lungs? How long an individual can survive in such difficult conditions? What will happen to the vegetation as well as the Birds & animals on the streets as well as the pets inside? Still awaiting the reply.

B S Vohra
Environment Activist, President,
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front - Federation

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