Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Power of Voice to Clean India !

The voice really has a great power & the voice of people, hundreds & thousands of people can change everything. It can make a big impact on the authorities. It can convert into a vote bank & can change the entire political system.

But the problem is that we don’t want to use the power of voice. We don’t want to raise the issues, even if they hurt us a lot. We want to remain the silent spectators & expect others to come forward & do something.

We are not at all bothered even for the cleanliness of the areas where we live, where we work, where from we move. Just check around yourself & you will understand the gravity of the situation.

When you come out of your home, don’t you find the dirty roads & dirty drains ? When you go to the Govt. offices, don’t you find the dirty Toilets & dirty corners ? When you go to a park, don’t you find dirty & dead leaves.

Don’t you get dirty water in your tap ? Don’t you suffer from the dirty waterlogging during rains ? Don’t you feel the pinch of dirty polluted air that enters your lungs & makes you sick ? And don’t you know that whatever you eat is covered with dirty colours ?

When you go to authorities to get your work done, don’t you find some dirty persons, always looking for bribes ? When you go to cast your vote, don’t you find some dirty leaders out of the list of criminals ?

We are not at all bothered even for the cleanliness of our administrative system. Just that’s the reason that the Income Tax authorities could dig over a thousand crores from the coffers of a chief engineer in Noida.

We are not at all bothered even for the cleanliness of our Political system. Just that’s the reason that all kind of criminals reach to our corporations, assemblies as well our great parliament. And we remain the mute spectators.

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The time has come and we must come forward to raise our voice, to raise our issues, to make our motherland – Swach Bharat. And if you have some problem in raising your voice, just take a STREPSILS & see the change. Have a Strepsils & just speak up. Choose your Topic & just Speak up. Just take a strepsils & ab montu bolega. It’s a great campaign to generate awareness amongst the general public to raise your voice and not to be a mute spectator. It's offering you an opportunity to come forward & speak up. You can also join the Strepsils campaign via their website, as well as Strepsils on Facebook  and Twitter. You can also use the hashtag #AbMontuBolega 

Our Prime Minister has launched the SWACH BHARAT campaign & it’s being supported by everyone including STREPSILS. It’s our Golden chance to make India clean. Infact, the dirt has entered into every corner of our life & we have become a silent part & parcel of this system. Some of us don’t have the time to come forward. Some of us don’t have the courage to come forward. Some of us feel shy to come forward. And some of us don’t have the guts to come forward.

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But this dirt must be cleaned. Just take a strepsils to make your throat clear & start raising your voice. Soon many others will join you to make your voice louder & soon you will start getting heard. Soon your issues will come out of the dirt & you will be a proud & alive resident of SWACH BHARAT. Kyonki ab bole bina nahi chalega, aur isliye, ab har gali mein, har montu bolega. Therefore, Have a Strepsils & just speak up.

We want a Swach Bharat - with no dirt anywhere, be it our mind, our heart, our home, our roads, our administrative system as well our leaders. Join Strepsils to clean India.

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