Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Lufthansa A380 – The dawn of a new era !

Our Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi has opened the gates for the entire world with a new slogan, “COME, MAKE IN INDIA”. Therefore, India will soon be the BIGGEST Economy of the world. And for being the biggest economy, We must have the biggest airports, largest aircrafts and the best of aviation facilities to cover the huge commercial utilization in India.

Lufthansa (German) is the only Airlines in the world that has understood the sensitivity of the talks of our Prime Minister and has introduced the Lufthansa A380 into the Indian aviation sector.

Seems, Lufthansa has the best work force of the Financial Analysts of the world, to understand the growth & development prospects of Indian economy and to grab the opportunity, and to grab it’s share in the growth of Indian economy, it has introduced Lufthansa A380 in India.

Lufthansa has understood that very soon we will be getting the investments from all over the world. Soon we will have the best plants for manufacturing the quality products in India. Soon we will get a queue of the persons willing to work in our system and soon we will have the entire world at our door for making their purchases from Indian markets. It will result into the Biggest ever GDP growth of Indian economy, worldwide.

Moreover, we are not only the second largest populated country in the world, we also have the youngest workforce to work under the vision of our Prime Minister and the expectations are that the next century will belong to India. Therefore, we are expecting a huge movement of persons from every corner of the world & it will result into export of our quality products to Europe, America as well to almost every corner of the world.

Seems, Lufthansa has understood, that even it can meet, it’s growth targets, in a much better way, with the growth of Indian economy & both can be much more prosperous in the coming years with the co-operation & understanding of each other and that’s why it has introduced Lufthansa A380 into India, that has started it’s operations wef  8th of November, 2014 for it’s daily flight on the Delhi – Frankfurt route.

I am sure you want to know much more about the Lufthansa A380 & therefore, we have embedded a video of this largest commercial aircraft in the history. Plz view the video from the link, as below : 

I am sure i have generated your interest in this aircraft and you still want to know much more about the Lufthansa A380 & therefore, we are giving below a link of their website, where you can find each & every detail about this aircraft. Please click the website link of the Lufthansa India.

This Airbus can carry a huge lot of passengers as well the tonnes of load for the utmost commercial utilisation & therefore, it’s quite compatible for the upcoming Indian economy. We are sure India requires it in very large numbers and on most of the International routes, to cope up with the pressure of the growth of Indian economy. Therefore, Lufthansa must come forward with many more flights on many more routes, to meet the Indian requirements of the aviation sector. 

And now, i am offering you a virtual tour of the Lufthansa A380. WOW ! It's amazing. Must view the virtual tour of the Lufthansa A380, it's Economy class , it's Business class , it's amazing First class  as well  Lufthansa A380's great technology.

Our Prime Minister has opened the gates of the Indian economy & now Lufthansa & its largest commercial aircraft A380, must open it’s gates, at the earliest for the Indian economy, in a much bigger way. 

Lufthansa A380 is definitely the dawn of a new era in Indian Aviation sector, as now onwards, only the bigger is better for the Growth of Indian economy. Please use the hashtag #LufthansaA380 to promote Lufthansa A380 in India.    

Various links / virtual tour links / taken with thanks from the Lufthansa India Website. Thanks Indiblogger.

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