Sunday, August 16, 2015

PLUSS : Online purchase of medicines at a Mega Discount !

Last evening while playing with my Lebra, i got a scratch. I checked My Dog Card and found that the next date of her injection was 29th September. On consulting our Family Doctor, i was told to go for Rabipur to avoid any risk. I agreed and purchased the injection at Rs 340 and got it injected. 

As we have to go for three injections, i thought of checking the PLUSS TEAM that was present in one of our events. The company sent me the second injection duly packed on an Ice pack from Green park with a Bill of 349 MRP including Tax. 

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I was given a Discount of 30% over that price & the actual amount that i paid to the PLUSS Team was Rs 244. Surprisingly, there was a difference of appx. Rs 100 in just one injection. In my opinion our RWAs must spread awareness on the huge margins being earned by Local chemists & in case of any requirement, they too can try it online with PLUSS.

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