Friday, September 18, 2015

Stand-up-comedy – a great interactive art of making others laugh

All of us have seen great comedians in movies, on stages, as well at various parties. They look so normal while making us laugh. We may be a stranger and absolutely unknown to each other, but still we start laughing on a “stand-up comedy” presentation, by the artist.  

Everyone understands that Laughing is a must but don’t you think that to make others laugh is a great skill  ? If you want to understand every aspect of the life of a comedian, you must visit to the page Stand up Comedy on the

Stand Up Comedy is all about the guys who are always there to make you laugh on every single issue. It’s about the fears that the stand up comedians have to conquer before standing in front of the audience. It’s the great art of interacting with those sitting in the first lane with serious faces with a confidence that you can make them laugh.

It’s about the evolution of Indian comedy. It has the witty stories of Akbar Birbal. It exhibits the era of Kishore kumar, Mahmood, Johny walker to Johny Lever and a very recent Kapil Sharma.

It has videos of each and every comedian from any part of the world that we must view and enjoy. It’s a great source that offers us detailed description and videos of the Top 10 comedians of the world. It’s a great source to view Jim Carrey or Charlie Chaplin at a single go.

It tells us about the life through the eyes of Stand up comedians. How they feel, how they perform, how they react to questions being asked of them. It’s the great interactive art of making others laugh while avoiding own critics and getting underpaid, except the big names who can dictate their own terms.

A must visit website and I am sure you will just stick to it. Just view standupcomedy if you want to understand and enjoy the term Comedian or a Stand up comedy. I am sure that this Stand-up-comedy section at will make you to think about the Stand up comedians in a different way. The website also covers the Parties, Pubs-Bars-Clubs, Nightlife, Drinks, Lifestyle, Music and a lot more.

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