Wednesday, September 2, 2015

How to keep an eye on your Twitter Followers ?

I joined Twitter just around 45 days ago. As i am very much familiar with the social media terms, i started getting good quality followers regularly. But the thing that shocked me was that few of those followers were just unfollowing to keep them with lesser followings & more followers. It was really surprising & shocking for me. 

So i thought of finding the way to keep an eye on those who were indulging in such practices. Soon i got a website that opened with the Twitter ID. Though, I was doubtful of its working, i tried it and in a minute i got a list of all those Followers who had followed me and than unfollowed.

It was a real pleasure for me as i had got a list of all those cheaters & the best part was that, the website had offered instant unfollow buttons too. I thanked that website and immediately unfollowed all those guys.

Now it has become my regular activity to keep an eye on my Twitter Followers & to remove the Unfollowers. Even you must keep an eye on all those who are indulging in such practices on Twitter & must unfollow them instantly.


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