Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Real Togetherness, the togetherness of Kissan, since our childhood !

It’s a digital world where all of us are very busy on our smart phone, laptop or desktop. The easiest being the smart phones. We are really proud to announce that we have 5K friends on Face Book, 70K likes on the FB page, 50K followers on Twitter, over 10K followers on instagram, and so on. We feel proud in declaring ourselves a social media expert with very wide contacts & reach. If you could check our page, our friends will include all the top Leaders, Film stars and so on. We feel proud in showing our digital strength to our friends and relatives.


But what’s the truth. The truth is that in case we get stomach pain at the late night hours, the maximum we can do is to add a status on our Facebook or a selfie with crying face, and in minutes we will get dozens of LIKES, or the messages, saying, oh, ah, hmm, how, what happened, so sad honey, sorry to know, best wishes and some fools may even write RIP, without even understanding its meaning that says, REST IN PEACE.


But nobody will rush to our home to take us to a Doctor for treatment. In case we suffer from any respiratory or cardiac problem, we may not be even alive to read the supportive messages on our Face Book account that can really make us feel proud. The truth is that we are so busy in our so called digital world that we often send wasp messages and that too short text messages, with our kids and even our parents.


This is the reality, the hardcore truth. We don’t have any real friends, any real friendship or real relations that can be utilized in case of any emergency. We are quite unknown to our neighbours as we never tried to get in touch with them. We never wished even hi or hello to the persons living next door. Being nuclear, we are far away from our brothers, sisters, or in true sense the kith and kin with any kind of fruitful and meaningful relations.


If you want to really understand the term togetherness, or the feeling of togetherness, the very simple example is the KISSAN. Since our childhood, we are regularly using the Kissan ketchup and other kissan products in our home. Whenever we are offered any samosa or pakoda, we don’t start eating samosa, viewing a digital pic of Kissan ketchup on our smart phone as it does not give us any taste. For the real taste, we require the Kissan ketchup, in our plate.

The same is true for our relations with our kith and kin. We can’t have meaningful relations while being present in our digital world. We must come out of the so called digital world, into the real world where we can talk face to face, smile, laugh, crack jokes, discuss various issues personally, can have party, fun, can have real feelings, can understand the real pain as well the real pleasures. That creates the feeling of togetherness. That creates real relations that are always available and always open in case of any good or bad news, in case of pleasure or pain.

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