Monday, October 19, 2015

McCain Smiles for a smile of loved ones !

I know very well that my daughters like to eat the things in a new style always and hence to see a big smile on their face, I thought of making the frozen McCain smiles in a new way.

McCain Smiles

Though McCain offers a wide range of frozen snacks as depicted in the pics below, I started with McCain smiles. First of all, I fried the McCain smiles into a pan with pure ghee until it turned reddish in the color. 

McCain Cheese & Jalapeno Nuggets

Then, I took a fresh coconut and used a grinder to make a thick paste of it along with chopped Mint leaves, Ginger and a bit of Lasun. It was almost half a cup in quantity.

McCain Chilli Garlic Potato Bites

I poured a spoon of pure ghee in the frying pan and poured the above coconut paste into it. Then I added a few spoons of onion paste and tomato puree, red sauce and fried it at low speed for a few minutes.

McCain Mazedaar Masala Tikki

After that I added salt as well the powder of Black pepper, long pepper, cinnamon and cardamom in it. Soon it turned into pink in color and that was the point when I removed the pan from gas and poured the material into a plate.

McCain Veggie Burger

It was a very thick paste. I added the fried McCain smiles into it in such a way that all the snacks were half dipped in the paste. Then, I used fresh chopped coconut paste mixed with tomato puree and Mayoanaise to cover the upper layer of the McCain Smiles. Then I took a pineapple and used a sharp knife to cut it into small smiley shapes. I covered the upper portion of smiles with the pineapple.

McCain Super Wedges

I placed this plate in a tray. I took small cups filled with Pineapple juice in it for garnishing and presented to my daughters. My wife was smiling on viewing this form of McCain smiles.

McCain French Fries

They all tasted it and yeah, I found that big smile on the face of my daughters. They were just laughing loudly. My wife took a bite of it and looked delighted. I was the last person there to taste it. Yeah, it was delicious. We all liked this new taste. It was quite different from what all of us use to eat regularly in our day to day life.

McCain Tandoori Vege Nuggets

Now this form of McCain smiles has become a routine in our family and I am sure that if you too try this once, it will become a regular routine food in your family also. Try it and enjoy it and if you want to know more about McCain snacks, just log on to their web site :

McCain Potato Cheese Shotz

I am sharing the above recipe for you with a surety that smiles of my daughters will be doubled as it’s a normal saying that smiles are doubled when shared. Please view the video of the delicious Mc Cain snacks embedded below :

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