Tuesday, July 5, 2016

How to check Rankings of your Website or Blog on MOZ as well as Alexa ?

Yeah, we used to check our rankings of Websites and Blogs on MOZ as well as Alexa, as these two were treated as the most prominent ones. But all of a sudden things have changed. There are no more free options available now. If you want to use, you must pay. But the prices are much higher if we convert them into Indian currency.

MOZ has stopped showing your Free rankings of Blogs or websites. You have to pay them now at least $ 99 mo for 5 moz analytical campaigns. Earlier we used to check our Moz rankings without paying anything. But now we have to pay at least INR 7000 /- per month for that. Please check the MOZ Link at : 

Even for Alexa you have to pay between $ 10 mo to $ 149 mo to get perfect insights about your blog and website. Though they are still showing our rankings free of cost, but these are not up to the mark. Please check the Alexa Link at : 

If you earn in $, these figures may not pinch you, but if we have to convert it into our Indian currency, we have now to shed at least INR 7 - 8000 per month for our rankings, which almost 99% of the Bloggers (at least) can't afford. So one thing is very much clear that the Free Bees era from Moz or Alexa is over now.

Strange, we the Indians are the Top most software experts and working in almost every country in almost every company in the Top positions, then, why we cannot generate our own system of Rankings that could be accepted worldwide ?

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