Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Try this Free of cost for a good ranking on Alexa & Moz

Rankings are very crucial nowadays for a better visibility on various search engines. We are sharing below the Top most options, for a better ranking of your Website or a Blog. You can try the Alexa rankings as well as the Moz for a better visibility. You can have a Free trial to see the difference, before opting for a suitable package.

Just pay $9.99 per month for a Basic account with Alexa for a website or a blog, and your Alexa rankings will start improving. If you opt for the Insight or the Advanced account, you have to pay $49 or $149 per month respectively. If you have opted the Basic account, at the rate of $9.99, it will cost you something around 8,000 per annum for a better ranking on Alexa. 

The Basic account is for the Small business or small website owners. Insight account is for the professionals, whereas, the Advanced account is for the growth masters. All these Alexa accounts have different features, depending upon the money to be paid. You can even go for a free trial run on Alexa for 7 days.

MOZ : 
Similarly, if you wish to have a better ranking and visibility on MOZ, You can choose a monthly as well as a yearly payment plan. The monthly option has four variants, i.e. Standard for $99 per month, Medium for $149 per month, Large for $249 per month, and the Premium for $599 per month. If you opt the annual option, the price is a bit lower, i.e. Standard for $79 per month, Medium for $119 per month, Large for $199 per month, and the Premium at $479 per month. You can begin with a Free Trial for 30 days.

The only problem is that if you convert the above prices into Indian currency, the amount becomes very large and almost out of the scope of the Non Professional bloggers. The result is that the Non Professional Bloggers or Website owners are getting Lower rankings and lesser visibility on certain platforms. 

Both Alexa & Moz, must look into the cost impact on the currency conversion and must introduce a better option for the very vast Indian market. In my opinion, even if the prices are reduced to the bare minimum, they will still make good money as more and more persons will be able to join them.

As discussed above, once the Free trial options are over, the paid plans of Alexa are as below :

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