Sunday, September 10, 2017

Unveiling the mystery behind iPhone X

It’s that time of the year, and this time, it’s also that time of the decade. Yes, the new iPhone is about to be launched, and this time, the stakes are huge. It’s the 10th anniversary for this small bundle of super profits and maximum revenue for Apple. For the last few years, almost anything and everything that Apple has done has got leaked in a steady flow of spy pictures, rumours and leaks. This time, the leaks and rumours are many, but confirmations are few and far between. That’s because the 10th year of the iPhone will be celebrated by having more than one phone released. And Apple seems to have toyed, experimented and discarded a number of things, leading to absolute confusion. So, let’s try and bury a few rumours by playing my annual game of ‘Let’s test how much I get right’. I shall make some predictions and two days later you can mark me on how much egg I got on my face.
The Apple event for the launch of the new iPhones is on September 12, and according to India time, all shall be revealed by late night that day. This is the first ever event being held inside their massive spaceship-like new campus in Cupertino. The actual stage event will happen inside the Steve Jobs Theatre. Even the invitation card says, ‘Let’s meet up at our Place’. And now, for the actual products itself.
The X
There will be three of them, and the first one to celebrate the 10th year of the iconic phone will be called the iPhone X. Look, this is where I may get the most egg smothered all over my mug, but I’ve been predicting this now for more than a year. Apple usually doesn’t play around with names and monikers, and tends to avoid being over dramatic. But, this is a very dramatic occasion and must be marked and underlined as such. Many have said that it will be called the iPhone Edition or iPhone 8 or even the iPhone SJ (for Steve Jobs; never going to happen!), but I’m going to stick to my guns on this one. Thus, the celebratory phone will be called the X, as in the Roman numeral for 10. It will have a radical change of design and looks, acquire some serious curves on the sides, have an extraordinary 5.8- inch OLED display that is completely edge-to-edge on all sides. Due to this display, despite having the bigger screen, the phone will be much smaller than the Plus iPhones. It will have a much faster processor, an all-glass back, an all new form of facial recognition for security and access, no physical home button on the front, a new touch ID system integrated elsewhere and full wireless charging with a dock right in the box. There will be some other bells and whistles in the camera and optics department as well as the graphics engine, but, in essence the big deal will be the above. This may well be the most expensive iPhone ever sold. Get ready to celebrate with Apple with a bit of a sticker shock.
with thanks : Hindustan Times : LINK : for detailed news report

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