Sunday, December 3, 2017

Heaters to Chowkidars !

RWAs are required to provide Heaters to the Chowkidars and the COMPLIANCE of the RWAs has been ordered. 

No doubt, it's our responsibility too, to check & curb the Pollution, though we have no power in our hand as none of the Governments have ever empowered us in any way. But the truth is that the real problem lies somewhere else:

1. There is no check on the rising number of vehicles in Delhi. Over a crore of vehicles already on the road, with Lakhs being added every year causing severe vehicular emissions, contributing significantly to the pollution in the city, as well as to the kitty of the Authorities. 

2. There is massive encroachment everywhere on the Roads, that causes severe Traffic jams, again causing severe pollution all over the city. 

3. Various Land Fill sites of Delhi always keep on smoking & catching fire due to methane gas inside, without any check & control from the concerned agencies.

4. Parali is burnt in Haryana & Punjab, contributing significantly to the pollution levels of Delhi, while Elected Leaders are unable to break the ice among themselves, even on this very serious issue. 

5. The West Asian winds bring the Dust n Storm, causing severe pollution & Smog in Delhi, while the concerned authorities are not even able to clean the city properly. 

6. WHO says that over 30,000 persons are killed every year in Delhi & NCR, due to the pollution or in our opinion, due to the non-action of the Authorities. 

7. There is none to listen to the Chicago University Study, that says, that the residents of Delhi & NCR are losing up to 6 to 9 years of their life, just due to the pollution. 

8. RWAs are not empowered to do anything, and those empowered, don't try to do anything. 

9. RWAs don't have the funds and in most of the cases, RWAs are unable to collect the required money to pay to the Chowkidars, in the absence of any empowerment. 

So in the present context, if your RWA has the funds, please follow the instructions of the concerned authorities. 

In the absence of the required Funds, the only other option RWAs have, is to remove all the Chowkidars from their duties as it's the duty of the Government to provide us Security as well as the clean environment. 

Thanks, & with best regards,

B S Vohra
Environment Activist - with a request to all the RWAs of Delhi, to check any burning of Garbage, Leaves, Wood, Biomass, Coal etc. in their localities as well to provide your old warm clothes to those in need, to combat pollution. EPCA is doing a great Job after the implementation of GRAP and we must prove that we are also the responsible RWAs of this city, without any empowerment.

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