Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Pollution Control Equipment being installed at Krishna nagar

In a war against Pollution and to give clean air to the residents, East Delhi RWAs Joint Front has arranged an open-air Pollution control equipment that SUCKS the Air from a radius of 60Ft, FILTERS  the pollutants such as PM10 as well PM2.5 and DISPERSES the clean air, as a relief to the Lungs of the people. 

It is a Patented product with a Calibrated motor that costs very little so far as the power consumption is concerned. 

"To offer clean air to the residents is a True Sewa today, and that too in a city where over 30 thousand persons are killed every year just due to the pollution”, said B S Vohra, President of the East Delhi RWAs Joint Front – Federation. 

The equipment is being installed absolutely Free of cost & the cost of the Equipment & its maintenance will be covered by way of the Advertisements on the Equipment. 

Therefore, if you too (RWAs, MTAs) require it Free of Cost, please feel free to Email us, and if approved (as the Advertisers require a space with maximum footfall), you too may get it absolutely Free.

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