Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand

Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand - the thrills of a huge Jungle - amidst the beauty of nature - with Tigers, Elephants, Leopards proving their presence every minute - a great experience - absolutely amazing - with invisible boundaries between humans and animals - just self resistance from both the sides - don't enter the territory of others, ELSE - Survival of the fittest - the only rule of the Jungle.

It was a fine morning and we left by car for the Jim Corbett at around 7 AM. The initial hour was in the traffic jam at around Ghaziabad & Hapur. The road was good after that till Moradabad. But after Moradabad, there was a mixture of good and bad roads, and we reached our Hotel at around 1 pm.

In between, Gajraula was the perfect spot for some rest as the place has almost all the brands such as Bikanerwala, McDonald, Domino, KFC, Ananda, many local but good hotels, Kulladwala, Udupiwala as well the 50% discount shops of Nike, Reebok, and all others.

Our resort at the Jim Corbett was a perfect one, It was in the middle of the Jungle, with all the 5-star amenities. It was a package deal with all the breakfast, lunch & dinner as well as the Jeep Safari, so there was no tension and we were exactly in a mood of relaxation. The thrilling shrieks of Elephants, Tigers, Leopards were quite exciting and we were having the amazing and exciting time at the resort.

The next morning we woke up at 4 am and were ready for the Jeep Safari at 5 AM. We were on the road towards the inner zone of Jim Corbett. The Air was fresh with no pollutants at all. The Jungle looked amazing and attractive. We spotted a Tiger and an Elephant, but from some distance. It was thrilling. We recorded a few videos at the river point, even though it was very dangerous as the wild animals could come anytime to quench their thirst in the neat and clean waters, amidst the Jungle.

It was a great experience with a quality resort, quality food, and the perfect ambiance. We enjoyed our two nights stay at the resort. Surprisingly, there were no boundaries between our resort and the Jungle. It was all open. But the common saying was that don't enter into the domains of others, i.e. you are not supposed to enter the jungle on your own, and the wild animals don't come to the human areas until forced. If anyone breaks the Jungle rule, it's the survival of the fittest after that.

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