Saturday, October 6, 2018

#TheBlindList – An absolute Blind date with the world.

#TheBlindList – An absolute Blind date with the world, in itself has a very significant meaning and if it is connected with the term Travel, it’s truly the most adventurous. Adventurous in the sense that you don’t even know, where you are heading for, how the things would happen and how you would be able to manage.

Truly, I would love to go on such a Blind date with the world and the location may be anywhere in the world or even out of the world. It may be the sharp hills, snowy peaks, airy beaches, great deserts, grasslands, the raining jungles, volcanic fireballs or even the time travel.

I am always willing and ready to go anywhere, on such a blind date, as it would create something new and afresh in my internal as well as the external personality. It will give me the strength to adjust even in the most adverse circumstances.

Moreover, this kind of exploration may give me an opportunity to explore the new world, new possibilities, such as, Martin Waldseemüller, who named the new world “America”, while exploring the coastline of South America, or Columbus who is said to be the first explorer to discover America or I may be the yet another Vasco DI Gama, who is said to have discovered India.

Who knows that the unknown destination would be the Bermuda triangle that may slide me directly to the Mars and hopefully I will be back with the laser guided rockets as well as the UFO’s, to enhance the capabilities of our Air Force.

And who knows the unknown blind date will ship me to the old centuries to meet and interact with the great kings and queens, and hopefully, I would be able to manage some political lessons from the great Birbal or Chanakya.

And hopefully, there would also be a possibility to meet the Karl Benz to view the first car invented by him, or to have the pleasure of meeting The Wright Brothers for a memorable trip on their first aircraft.

It may be a surprise or a shock of my life, it may give me the pleasure or can make me cry, but still I would love to go as I am always willing and ready to #SayYesToTheWorld for #TheBlindList and I am much more curious, open-minded, and eager to have this unforgettable and enriching experience of exploring the world.

And I know it very well that after this great experience of Self-exploration, I will become the Travel inspiration for all those who want to Travel to explore the #BucketList or the #TheBlindList. Must view the LINK to explore the world as only you can tell that Why do you love the world.

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