Tuesday, April 14, 2015

#India4India - on the journey of doing right

Boating for fun & masti is very common in every part of the world, but have you ever heard about a school on a boat ? Yeah ! this thought came into the mind of Ajeet singh, whose only aim was to DO RIGHT. He found small kids of fisherman, wasting their time and energy, aimlessly, on the banks of river Ganges in the Varanasi city. On his journey of doing right, for the small kids, he thought of educating them on a boat, under the banner of NGO GURIA.
All of us know & understand very well that for the economic growth of our country, the basic education for the kids is a must. But do you know that currently, we have the largest number of illiterates in the world ? Do you think, we can achieve our growth targets with such a large force of unguided illiterates. Our economy can grow at a much higher rate and our GDP can also touch the peak if we could concentrate on the education of these deprived children. 
Varanasi boat club has set an example for all those who want to do something for the society. We must come forward to support Ajeet Singh by helping him in his noble cause. Please log on to the website http://doright.in/ to understand the entire concept and come forward to stand by him so that more & more kids could join the group of literates in our country. We must keep in mind that such views are very common in almost every part of our country & every rupee spent by us for this noble cause will lead to the Economic growth of our country.
Those visiting Varanasi for various religious commitments must come forward for the education of poor kids by providing them #scholorship so that more & more students could lead a settled life which is the foundation stone for the development of any country.
We must come forward for the magical transformation of all such kids by giving them an opportunity to get educated in an ideal learning environment as provided by Ajeet singh, to the poor children of fisherman, by way of a boat school. I am sure that you too will join us for spreading the spirit of DOING RIGHT for this common cause as being done by Tata Capital, #India4India, so that more & more children could be accommodated on the path of development and glory.

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