Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tourist hotels for holiday makers in Hyderabad

Hyderabad was the capital of Andhra Pradesh, but after the division of the state, a new state on the name of Telangana came into existence & Hyderabad became the capital of the new state. The other part i.e. Andhra pradesh has taken a decision to name Amaravati ( the town that lives forever ) as its capital.  The other city almost touching Hyderabad is the Secunderabad & both of these are also known as the Twin Cities.  
Hyderabad is a beautiful city with a long list of places that must be visited while in the city. Charminar, Golkonda forte, Birla mandir, Salar jung museum, Chilkur Balaji Temple, Hussainsagar lake, Botanical garden, Nehru Zoological park, Nizam’s museum, National parks as well the Osmansagar lake & Hitec city are some of the great attractions for the tourists in Hyderabad. Tourists generally opt for the Hyderabad tourism hotels, that are easily available at various locations.
Osmania university is a great attraction for all those who want to undergo higher education in Hyderabad. It was founded in the year 1918 & since than students from nearby states also visit Hyderabad for admissions.
As it’s the capital city, tourists who visit Hyderabad, try to stay in the best Hyderabad tourist hotels that are comfortable for the short stay in the city. Its a big city & hence all sort of raw materials are also readily available. As a result, vendors from the state & nearby areas regularly visit Hyderabad for business transactions.
Even though the local language of Hyderabad city is Telugu, Hotel bookings in Hyderabad are not that difficult even for those who don’t know Telugu as Urdu language is also very common. Telugu is a bit difficult language and it is generally called as the Italian of the East & therefore not that easy for the outsiders to understand.
Hyderabad caters to the population of the Twin cities but you will feel at home in the city as the foodies generally available in the city have become the taste of India also. Be it Idly, Dosa, sambher, Vada or Upma & Utpam, everyone likes the foodies of Hyderabad. It’s a great city & one must visit it to understand the culture of South India.

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