Saturday, April 11, 2015

Know all about 24 hour cab services in Delhi

Though Delhi metro has become an attractive mode of transport in the city, its lack of connectivity with many destinations as well its non availability during late hours, has forced the commuters to opt for the other options such as Cab services. These quick cab services in Delhi have become so common that over a dozen international brands are now visible on the roads such as Easy cabs, Quick cabs, Meru cabs, Yo cabs, Radio taxis etc to cater the large influx of tourists from all over the world. 
These cab services are generally the 24 hour cab services in Delhi & available from any part of the city towards any location and are known as 24x7 ( i.e. 24 hours & seven days ). They can be contacted & booked over the central control numbers of various operators & many of them provide online facilities also. Once booked, the cab operators send the nearest cab to the commutters for the timely services.
Most of the commuters have all the praises for these  night cab services in Delhi, as they are polite, very co operative & helpful. But in order to improve further the quality services of various cab operators, the concerned agencies & cab operators must do proper screening before appointing a driver so that the commuters could feel more n more comfortable in Delhi. The operators must work hard to maintain its quality standards, dignity & goodwill.
Truly speaking, these cab services in Delhi have become its lifeline. Quick & fast services, efficient drivers with quality cabs, attached with a GPRS system & a telephone are easily accessible to the commuters. Delhi Traffic police must support these services with easy licencing policies. In order to promote these services in Delhi, govt must introduce certain standard guidelines with easy loan facilities, so that more & more unemployed youth could join this profession.
Even the local population of Delhi uses these cab services at regular intervals and they have faced some hardships while availing these services. Many a time they are late to reach the starting point due to massive traffic jams in the city. The traffic congestion must be controlled as its not only delaying the movement of traffic but also the main cause of rising pollution in Delhi which has become the most polluted city of the words. Quality of roads must also be improved so that tourists could move freely without facing any kind of pot holes or caveins.


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