Saturday, October 21, 2017

Yes, it's possible to sell our old mobile in 60 seconds

Is it possible to sell your old mobile for a reasonable amount and that too online and that too in just 60 seconds? In 60 seconds, we can’t even open our browser. In 60 seconds, we can’t even order a pizza. In 60 seconds, we can’t even reserve a movie ticket. In 60 seconds, we can’t even buy a new mobile. In 60 seconds, we can’t even make up our mind to sell that old mobile and they are offering us to sell our old mobile in just 60 seconds.  Sounds someone is just trying to fool. But the biggest question still hangs that how can we sell our old mobile in just 60 seconds?

Since my young age, I have been using a mobile. Earlier it was a GSM. Then I shifted to CDMA. My next turn was back to a new GSM and if not mistaken, I have at least two dozen old mobile phones in my drawer, and many of them are lying to me for years. Whenever I tried to sell any of them, the price offered was so meager that I thought of making them heritage mobiles for my children, instead of selling so cheap.

I remember a handset that I wanted to sell, just three months after my purchase as the new technology had made it obsolete. There was not much difference in the newest technology, but one of my required application was working only on the new technology. The purchase price was 17,000/- at that time and I was offered just 7,000/- and that too after roaming so many shops.  

On the other hand, Cashify website asked to download the App and select the device that we wanted to sell. In turn, the App will help us to unlock the best selling price depending upon the condition of the device we want to sell. If approved by us, they will arrange a free pickup against the cash payment from our doorstep. I had a strong belief that they are fooling as no company can do that type of business in the entire world. So I decided to download the App & have a try.

The Cashify App opened & the first step was to select one of the Brand options. I selected Apple and in the Sub-options, I opted one of the old mobiles of my wife, i.e. iPhone 5s with 16GB. It took me just 10 seconds so far. The App said that I can get up to Rs 6,950/- for that mobile. A series of questions followed after that, i.e. Does the mobile switch on? I said yes. Any functional or physical problems?  I said that Battery not working. Then it asked if I have the Charger, Earphone, Box as well a valid bill? I had no box.

The next question was the Age of the mobile? I opted above 11 months in Good condition. The App gave me a Guaranteed selling price of Rs 4,600/-. There were two options now, get 5% extra with Amazon voucher, i.e. Rs 4,800/- & Get 15% more with Mantra voucher, i.e. Rs. 5,250/-. The last step was to click on Cashify now with your Mobile number and Facebook or Google account for a free pickup from my address.

It took me no more than 60 seconds indeed & I was on the verge of selling one of my old mobiles. It was a great experience with no headache, no roaming shop to shop for a better bargain, and truly from the comforts of my own home while taking a cup of tea with snacks. My wife took it as a great surprise and brought two other mobiles also to check the guaranteed selling price. 

Soon I got over a dozen calls from my relatives, to check the guaranteed selling price of their mobiles and I requested to all of them with folded hands that please download CASHIFY, as it’s truly beneficial. Please log on to to CASHIFY #CleanUpCashOut of your old mobiles, Laptops, and Tablets. If you want an additional Rs. 250/- on the sale of your old gadgets, please use the code ‘CLEANCASH’.

Pics with thanks: CASHIFY

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