Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A proud environment-friendly Vodafone family of Delhi

When I was of the age of my daughter now, the life was quite different. We had not even heard about Mobiles or Internet. There was no Social media or any digital world. There were no Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or even Google & Yahoo. The only connectivity was through a Landline connection, but it was too difficult to get it. There was a waiting period of over 10 years for a landline connection. For making an STD call, we had to book it and it usually took half an hour or more to get the call connected. Making a payment was a big headache as there were very few spots to make the payment and we had to stand in queue for hours to make the payment. The Lineman used to dictate his terms of continuous connectivity and we were forced to offer him Money as well cold drinks for little favors, almost every month.

Things started changing and slowly but steadily, we reached to an era of mobile phones with so many service providers offering connectivity, Internet, Data plans and a lot more, at very high costs,  with the 24x7 helpline as well online payment possibilities. But it was the era of Call drops and 2G/3G  connectivity. For making a single call, there used to be many call drops, with no incoming voice or no outgoing noise. Signals were too weak to keep you in touch all the time. Internet speed was too slow to do anything while on the move. To overcome the problem, our Government introduced the Portability scheme, where consumers were allowed to shift to the better service provider while keeping the same number. 

Things have changed drastically in the last 30 years and we are now Live on various Social media platforms, interacting with those, whom we don’t even know personally. Now I and my daughter have the best Smartphone, best Internet connectivity, best social media network, best call connectivity, with online payment facilities, 24x7 helpline and a lot more. And this has become true, with the best service provider of India, i.e. Vodafone.  Yeah, Vodafone has the best connectivity & the best network in India now, and I can proudly call ourselves as the Vodafone family, as all of the mobile numbers we have in our family, belong to Vodafone. It is working perfectly in our locality or wherever we go and is the most reliable network.

Moreover, Vodafone is also helping the startups. It digitally connected Delhi & NCR by over 120 Free WI-Fi hotspot zones where you can use Free WI-Fi for 20 minutes, even though you are not a Vodafone customer. Vodafone has also created two Airs-Purifying bus shelters at Delhi & Gurugram. Vodafone is also urging the residents of Delhi & NCR to celebrate a Green Diwali by using the Super crackers being offered by it. To the utmost surprise of one & all, these super crackers have been filled with the Eco-friendly plant seeds to make the Delhi & NCR much greener. Probably that’s the spirit & enthusiasm of Vodafone to serve the customers, that has made it a choice of over 1.2 crore customers in Delhi & NCR.

Feeling proud that we belong to the Vodafone family of Delhi & NCR and enjoying the best of the services, ever provided by any service provider in India. We are now going to our nearest Vodafone store to get our personalized GIF as well the Super crackers to enjoy the festival of Diwali. Best wishes to the entire Vodafone family of Delhi & NCR for a very Happy Diwali & a prosperous New year ahead. Please log on to 

Pics used with thanks to Vodafone

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