Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Nokia and du demonstrate the 5G future at GITEX 2017

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Nokia and du demonstrate how 5G will transform people's lives with a showcase of 5G robot control and live streaming at GITEX Technology Week 2017 in Dubai. The live streaming uses the Nokia OZO+ virtual reality camera and OZO Live, a real-time 3D 360 stitching software that delivers live virtual reality broadcasting.

The robot demonstrates how the ultra-low latency and high-reliability of 5G technology will usher in automation in industrial processes, promising substantial improvements in efficient production. With extreme reliability, ultra-low latency, and high speeds, 5G will be a key enabler of the 'Fourth Industrial Revolution' by opening up new possibilities for applications, such as automated responsive robots in industrial production. Nokia and du's demonstration of a dual-arm collaborative robot (also known as 'cobot') - which is connected via 5G to an automated parts and material handling platform - shows visitors to GITEX how 5G's near-zero latency can visibly transform industrial operations with fully flexible, automated production.

Nokia and du also showcase at GITEX the capabilities of OZO+, the first professional virtual reality camera from Nokia Technologies. Visitors will be able to experience the 3D 360-degree live streaming experience, both at GITEX and on video-sharing websites with a virtual reality headset. Use of Nokia's OZO+ virtual reality camera, along with OZO Live, present a unique experience of live streaming using eight cameras and microphones that come together to reproduce 360-degree video and spatial audio.

Source : NOKIA

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