Saturday, December 6, 2014

Say NO to Pre - Marital Sex !

We are proud Indians. We have certain self imposed regulations on our children. We don’t allow our children – boy or girl, to move out, alone, at late hours. We keep an eye that whom they are talking, meeting or chatting on any social network. This is because we care for our children. This is because we have utmost respect for our daughters. We treat them as goddess in our home. We try our best to give them a proper education & marry them at a suitable age with the best possible guy / gal.

We don’t have any space for sex in our society. It’s a taboo. It’s not even discussed in our homes. But the Internet has changed everything. Thousands & thousands of websites are selling porn. Our kids & teenagers are being spoiled. Internet is available on mobiles & smart phones. As a result they are free to watch porn, anywhere, anytime. The term GIGO is well applied i.e. Garbage in, Garbage out. When we click garbage on search engines, we will get garbage on our screens.

The outcome is the unwanted sex between teenagers. The outcome is the pre marital sex between teenagers. It’s just lust & nothing else. Out of anxiety they do all such things & spoil their lives. Many a time such MMS land on porn sites & many a time, girls have committed suicide. It has lead to unwanted MTP's in various road side clinics in a dangerous atmosphere. Many a time we found abandoned kids in the garbage bins.

This pre – marital sex or such affairs have many other complications too. A news story in Times of India revealed certain shocking facts. It said, In Gujrat, most dads failed paternity test. Labs find love cheat in 98% of cases. You can read the detailed shocking story from this LINK with thanks to TOI.

We just try to pretend that we have become liberal and bold. But that’s all false. No reality. We try to act as shown in various TV serials. But do you really think we have become liberal ? If yes, just read another news story from Times of India. It says, that a Bhabhi kissed her devar on his marriage and it resulted into a brawl with the family of the bride. The groom was held captive and later the groom went back without his bride. You can read the shocking news story from this LINK with thanks to TOI.

And still we say that we have become modern, we have become liberal. But can we throw our children in the hands of such perverts who are waiting for them on various social networking sites ? Who just want to lure the innocent teenagers for their own pleasure and for black mailing them, for making money.

The truth is that our elders who constituted such self imposed regulations, who made our constitution & fixed regulations for certain acts, were the most learned ones. They knew many such things in advance and made such regulations. We must be thankful for those custodians of our culture & society. Being Indians, being proud Indians, we must come forward to say a BIG NO to pre - marital sex.

Poonaam Uppal

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