Saturday, December 13, 2014

Rise above fear - Dar ke aage jeet hai !

We were going to Hemkunt Sahib in Uttranchal. We can go only upto the Gobind Ghat by car, where we have to park our car & than we have to walk 21 Kms one side. It’s a 42 Km walk both ways. We reached Gobind ghat by around 1pm. We parked our car, went to the Gurudwara & than took the langer. It was almost 2.30 pm by that time. 

We asked the sewadar at the Bridge ( place to start the journey ), that, is it safe now to move ahead. Sewadar just pronounced the Sikh Slogan, “ Bole So Nihal, Sat Sri Akal”. 

I knew it very well that if we start so late, it may be dangerous for all of us as it's very risky to move in the hills at late hours, and that too, without any security. But i knew that if we don't start by now, we will be delayed by a day atleast. So taking the big risk, we started our journey. Me & my wife were walking and our two daughters were on the kathi, on the back of two persons, who do this job against money.

It was a beautiful view all around. We clicked so many pics. Our first stoppage was to be at 15 kms and the next day with 7 kms. But soon we realized, that this 15 Kms by walk on hills was not lesser in any way and that too when we started our journey at around 2.40 pm.

Anyhow, we kept walking. We had no time to rest as it was already very late. And soon we shivered out of a mix of a Chill & Fear. It was now 7 pm and total dark all around and we found our selves all alone on the way. It was shocking for all of us. With my wife & 2 kids with me, I just shivered on finding us alone at dark.

We saw a Dhaba and we took some tea from him as it was already cold. We checked from Dhaba wala that can we stay at his Dhaba for the night. His reply was even more shocking for us. He told that he will soon close the Dhaba & rush to his home as Bears roam in this area during nights. Even my wife shivered on hearing this. We just could not understand that how to move further in that dark and a big Fear of bears gripped all of us.

Luckily a person reached there & told us to wait at the Dhaba itself as few more persons will be reaching the spot soon and we should move in a group. After almost an hour, that group reached us & we again started our journey.

A guide was there in that group, who offered a short cut way. Everyone agreed. But a shortcut in hills and that too at 9 pm, in the dark, is more than enough to give you a shiver. And yeah, we all really shivered as we were passing from a stretch which had a deep ditch at just 24 inches on our left and we had no lights.

We just remembered the Mountain Dew slogan that, “ DAR KE AAGE JEET HAI”. Yeah we passed the two fearful hurdles. Now there was no fear of bears any more. Now we were not alone. We reached the Army base & soon we reached the Gobind dham, our first stoppage.

We just took a room in a small hotel & in minutes we were in deep sleep. The fear was over & in the morning we were on the way to Gurudwara Hemkunt sahib which is at 15200 Ft from the ground level. It was ice all over. The amazing view, the amazing gurudwara, the amazing journey that taught us a lot. 

The amazing  journey that forced us to remember the Dew slogan, that, DAR KE AAGE JEET HAI”. Yeah, we had entered the FEAR, fear of bears, fear of ditches in the dark with small kids, but we emerged as the winners.

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