Saturday, December 27, 2014

Kitna chain hota hai na sachchai mein !

We are a group of Social Activists. We always keep an eye on the Civic authorities that what they are doing & what not. We do regular research on various civic issues. Issues related to Electricity, Issues related to Drinking water, Issues related to Pollution, Issues related to Sanitation & so on, it may be any civic issue related to the corporations or any of the official bodies. And we raise all such issues at the best possible opportunity so that these could be resolved for the betterment of the society. 

But do you know how difficult it is to raise such issues, to raise the TRUTH, in front of the authorities ? There is every possibility that you will be in trouble, you will get threats, you may be attacked, you may be falsely implicated and so on. Many of my friends have faced the consequences. One of them was badly beaten and was in hospital for many days. 

These authorities will try their best to defy themselves in every possible manner. But the process continues. We never care what will happen. We just do our duty, our duty to serve the community as a social activist. It’s by choice. We like to dig the truth though it’s really very difficult to gather such information. We have to do a lot of homework before proceeding further. We collect the details from various sources. Than we compile the data in a suitable form. The next step is the critical analysis. I can say I am an expert in it as my qualification totally supports me for these activities.

We are proud to say that now our voice has a say. We get invites from various authorities while discussing certain critical issues. We opine and are suitably heard and our talks are recorded, included in the official versions, for a suitable action, for the betterment of the society.

It gives us a great feeling. A feeling that we are raising the TRUTH & trying to resolve the  community issues. It may be dangerous. Many a time we get strange messages. Many a time we get strange feelings. But we have never changed our ways. We know that we are moving in the right direction. A direction that gives  you a feeling of pride that you are doing something serious for the society. 

KITNA CHAIN HOTA HAI NA SACHHAI MEIN kyonki jab sach saamne aata hai to badon badon ko bhi jhukna padta hai & we really enjoy that moment when we force the authorities to make the changes as asked by us, on the basis of naked TRUTH.

It’s KINLEY that gives the same feeling. The feeling of reality. The feeling of Sachhai. The feeling of Truth. It’s as pure as truth. That’s why we like KINLEY. We use to dring Kinley only, even if there are many more other options available. Even you must drink Kinley. It will brighten your mind with a feeling of purity. You can know much more about it from the link : Kinley 2014 TVC You must view the video embedded below about this product :

Have faith, if you are on the way of Truth, on the way of sachhai, how difficult it may be, you will be the winner in spite of various hardships involved in it. 

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