Thursday, March 5, 2015

Look up with optimism & hope for the future !

Yeah, we must always look up for optimism & hope for the future. We must look towards Mr Arvind Kejriwal of Aam Aadmi Party, who became the chief minister of Delhi & resigned just after 49 days as he had no majority in the house. Though he contested the Lok Sabha against Modi ji but lost his deposit. Still he kept on viewing upwards with optimism & with a great hope for future. The outcome was that in the next Assembly elections of Delhi, he won 67 out of 70 seats & he formed a Government with absolutely no opposition at all.

It clearly proves that we must look up with optimism always and must have great hopes from our future. We must be positive always as one can not achieve any thing from negativity. If we have to build anything i.e. a home or a relationship, it can never be on the base of negativity.

One of my friend had a family tangle. The three brothers were looking in different directions. Father had expired long ago and mother was a sweet lady. Though the business was common, still there was no positive  relations anywhere at the home. The control of the   family business was in the hands of the elder brothers & the younger son was no where.

Soon the younger son got married and his wife became pregnant. They checked the sex of the baby & found it to be a baby girl. The younger son & his wife decided to go for MTP. At that time his elder brothers & mother came to know about it & they all strongly opposed the step. They even warned him that Police will be called & he will be arrested in case he opted for the MTP.

As a result, the younger son could not go for the operation & soon his wife delivered a sweet & cute baby girl. The baby was so cute & so sweet that everyone liked her. Everyone started playing with her. The entire family was almost mad for the laughter of the baby. The elder brothers were happy that the younger one had agreed to their wishes. So they offered him his share in the family business. Even we all were surprised on viewing such a change in the relationship in the family.

Soon they started sitting together on dinner. Soon they stopped fighting on petty issues. Soon they all were one & united. There was now no problem in their business or family relations.

The new born kid had brought a great positive force in the family & they all were thrilled by it.  Soon they started enjoying the relationship without any negativity into it. They started celebrating all the festivals with each other. It was really a joy for everyone.

The above story preached just one thing that we should never be negative. Only the positive thoughts & positive relations can build strong relations.

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