Saturday, March 14, 2015

Power of being #together with optimism !

I had completed my PHD in Chemical Engineering & had got a call from an American MNC for a top most job. I had completed all the formalities & now it was the time to leave for USA for the bright side of my future.

But as the date of my  departure was nearing, my parents started behaving differently. They developed the strongest feeling that they are going to miss me. They had made up the mind that one who goes to States, never returns.

I was shocked but could not say anything as I loved my parents very much. I was absolutely confused that how to tackle this situation. I spoke to all of my friends & relatives but none could provide me a perfect solution to this problem. I was almost depressed and had thought of shelving my plans to go to USA though I still had almost a month to leave.

As I had no job at that time , I was absolutely a free person and the idea struck my mind. I just decided to spend few days with my parents. I took them to a spiritual journey. We moved from Delhi in a Taxi towards Uttranchal. We had a plan to go to Kedarnath, Badrinath & Hemkund sahib. My parents had never visited these places and therefore they felt very happy on this trip. We spent almost 15 days #together.

A new bond of love & reliability had come into existence in between us in these 15 days. My parents had changed their thinking towards me. There were now a bit more assured that I will never leave them. They started asking me about my new job, about the new country & about the culture there.

It generated a new feeling of optimism in me & I started looking up with a hope to leave for USA but without hurting the sentiments of my parents. Soon they agreed to allow me to go to USA for my new job. I was very happy. It was the most memorable day of my life. It had given me a great motivation.

Soon I was in USA on my new job but I started missing my parents. I checked the prospects of inviting my parents to USA for a month or two. Soon I completed all the formalities & my parents got the Visitors Visa to USA.

And today, they are with me in USA for two months. They too are very happy. They understand that they have to go back to their origins in the coming days but they are assured that all of us have a great future ahead & none is going to miss anyone.

Therefore, one must always Look upwards with positive views and with optimism. The circumstances may be different at different points of time but the optimism in mind can change any situation into the optimistic one. You must log on to the website as it is a most optimistic website offering a wide variety of property, for every taste, in almost every location of India. You can also promote it by tagging @housing or +Housing-com with the hashtag #together and #lookup. 

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