Sunday, March 22, 2015

Happiness in a Bottle !

There are so many little things that can make a person happy. It may be good food for a few or a drink, it may be fun & masti at a pub or at a kitty party. It may be serving the society for a few & looting the society for others. But in reality it’s just a bottle of Coca cola that can make you happy in any state of mind, at any location as well in any journey. Coca Cola is the most refreshing drink for me, and I like it very much, since my childhood and it really makes me happy. I would like to share it with everyone on this Coca Cola International Day of Happiness.

The most surprising factor is that it’s available every where i.e. in every city, every locality and even in the remote villages. We may go anywhere in the world, may not get any suitable food to eat, but will get something known, something common to drink & that’s   coca cola, which is available everywhere. It has become a respectful brand all over the world and people offer it to the guests visiting home or offices. It’s so tasty & delicious that a kid may leave the Milk bottle but will demand more of a Coca Cola.

And the great feature of Coca Cola is that you can take it with any kind of food. It can be taken with your regular home cooked food, with Biryani, with Pratha, with Chole bhature, with Pizza & Macroni, with Tangdi kabab, with paneer tikka as well with chicken. You can take it with Idli and dosa or with Dhokla and poha.

You can take it in hot summers and you will feel so relaxed and so cool. You can take it while rain dancing or in the pub. You can take it in a party or in a marriage ceremony. You can take it along with you as a substitute of water while camping at some remote locations. You can also drink it in winters without cooling it and keep on enjoying your food.

One strange factor is that you may not like food of any specific state and you may refuse to eat any particular type of food or you may be a vegetarian or a non vegetarian, but you will never say NO to the brand Coca cola as it has become a house hold name every where.

The secret of it’s easy availability is that the company has thousands of franchises in every country. It’s locally produced everywhere, using local water but has the standard ingredients. As a result the taste is almost similar, where ever you go as all the franchises have to maintain strict quality standards. A strict vigil is maintained by the company on the local concerns so that consumers could get the best quality.

It has become the most well known brand all over the world & the company is spending crores on advertisements in every city and country. As a result many subsidiary concerns have come into existence giving employment to thousands. As a result it’s also contributing in the growth of every country.

If you are the one who has never ever tasted it, I will just say to go to the nearby shop in your locality & buy a bottle of it & drink it on this Coca Cola International Day of Happiness. It’s not alcoholic so nothing to worry and be assured, you too will really feel HAPPY.

If you want to know much more about Coca Cola, you can just log on to the link to understand it in a much better way. The link to be viewed is : You can also view the video being embedded below to make up your mind & opt for it.

I am sure that I have generated enough positivity in you for Coca cola and you will rush now to your nearby store to get a bottle. So enjoy your Coca cola. Be assured, it’s absolutely refreshing and you will feel much more relaxed & happier on this Coca Cola International Day of Happiness. Pics have been taken with thanks from the Coca Cola Website :

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