Sunday, March 29, 2015

Digital India with Intel inside i.e. Real time in Real sense !

Digital India is a programme to transform our country into a  big digital empowered society and knowledge Economy. The Digital India is transformational in nature and would ensure that Government services are available to citizens electronically.  It would also bring in, public accountability through mandated delivery of government’s services electronically. The basic requirements are a high speed internet connection for availing the facilities under the E - Governance, a Bank account to make the online RTGS  payments on a computer or mobile platform, using a Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or a Mobile handset.

Digital India has three Key aspects i.e. Digital infrastructure as a utility to every citizen, Governance & Services on demand, and, Digital Empowerment of Citizens. The services will be available in realtime from online as well mobile platforms. All the financial transactions will be Electronic & therefore cashless but absolutely safe from hackers. It will be a 2 way communication between citizens & the Government directly through MyGov. It will give employment to over 5 crore persons at various levels as India will become the leader in IT use in Health, Education,  banking & many other sectors. 

In the year 2001, there were around 7 million Internet users in our country & if we could unlock the potential under the banner of Digital India, this figure is likely to cross 550 million by 2018, and Digital India will become the second largest online population in the world. Just that's the reason that the long queue at various Govt. offices for a ration card, for paying taxes, for birth or death certificate, for various permissions, for railway reservation, for   school & college fees payments, and a lot more, has already shortened, as it could be done easily now while sitting in the comforts of our own home or office & that too at the time preferred by us.

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Intel is also supporting the Digital India vision of our Government and it can play a grand role in transforming India into Digital India with Intel inside i.e. Real time in Real sense. While under Digital India, services will be available in Real time, under Intel, we will have the Real Sense technology that revolutionizes the boundaries between human and computer interaction, as it’s the New Dimension in Computing. Moreover, a  digital empowered society and knowledge Economy always prefers the  New & Festive experiences, that only Intel can offer, with more Productivity & no more wires.

It's time for new festive experiences.

The new Intel Atom processors, the wide range of 5th Generation Intel Core processors, Xeon Processor D, the Real sense Intel Technology, Intel’s Tablet range, Smartphones and the Cool Apps are required to transform India into Digital India. You can know much more about Intel and it’s quality products, from the link and promote it by using the Hashtag #DigitalIndia. 

The New Dimension in Computing

We are sure that Digital India with Intel inside will be a great phenomena for the entire world and therefore, we must use the Intel range for transforming India into a Digital India. Pics taken with thanks from

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