Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Start A New Life with dignity !

A friend of mine used to live in a rented house. As the rental charges were too high they were willing to shift to some other locality so that money could be saved. But they were absolutely confused as on the one hand the other locality looked to be on the lower side, still there was not much difference in the rentals. Life was going on though they were not at all happy. It was a two room house with attached kitchen and common washroom for few of the residents of that building. Life was busy as he had to join his duty in the early morning & was back only at late hours.

Many a time there was fighting between the residents of that building over the use of parking of scooter, over the use of washroom or over the use of excessive drinking water. Landlord was not willing to do any repairs and the house was not white washed since last many years and it looked as a ghost house.

Once he was very sad & I took him to a known friend of mine who was a property dealer. I asked him to offer him a good house at some reasonable rent. He listened everything and asked us to visit on coming Sunday.

On Sunday I took my friend to the property dealer with a hope for a suitable rented home. The property dealer took us in his car to a flatted house complex being built nearby. He exhibited a 2BHK home with all the facilities. He told that this can be booked on a small payment & the 90% of the amount can be financed & the EMI will be almost equal to the rentals being paid by my friend presently. My friend was thrilled.

We went back to my friends home & discussed everything with his parents & wife. They asked me to wait for a day to decide. I knew it was a very bold decision for them as they had to move out of a rented home to their own home. The rentals being paid were to be adjusted as the EMIs of the bank. It was indeed a big change for them & they wanted some time to think & decide over it.

Next day at early morning, I got a call from my friend. They had taken the very bold decision of shifting to the new home, their own home and they all looked very happy on the START OF A NEW LIFE.

We visited the property dealer & discussed everything. Soon the deed was signed, agreement was made & the registry was done. Soon he got the possession of the new house & the family shifted to their new home. A  home that was very much their own. A  home for which no rentals were to be paid. A home which had  designated space for parking. A home that had a  beautiful attached washroom. A home that had inbuilt pipe line for drinking water. A home that was airy, that had direct sun light entering it, was near a market & hospital. Moreover, a beautiful temple was also near by it.

A single decision though a bold one, had changed everything into the life of my friend. It was the start of a new life for them. They thanked me for taking him to the property dealer which resulted into this mega change into their life.

Therefore we must always LOOK UP for the brighter side of our life. Please view the LOOK UP video being embedded below :

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