Monday, March 16, 2015

Singapore – Truly a Food Haven for me !

It’s true that Singapore is a Food haven and one can select out of the huge variety of cuisines from Singapore. I like almost everything that relates to Singapore’s cuisine. Truly speaking I have tasted so many cuisines out of the Singapore’s food that now I have developed a good taste for it.

Starting with the 5 versions of Prata. Roti Tissue is very crispy, it comes in the spherical cone shape and it’s paper thin. Roti Plaster is not simply the Prata with egg, instead, it’s served in the dough itself. Chicken Floss Prata is stuffed with light shreds of dried chicken and is very fluffy and if you could try the Red been Prata, it’s so crispy & it oozes so much red bean paste with every bite that you will just love it. In case you are fond of Eggs, you can go for the Prata Benedict that is topped with poached egg, turkey ham and Indian hollandaise sauce. Simply amazing Singapore Cuisines.

I will now tell you about the special cuisines of Serangoon Gardens, the place that I like most, as it has become a hub of foodies, as it has abundance of restaurants, quirky bars and the new concept for all of us i.e. hole – in – the – wall coffee shops. You must taste the Grilled fish served with a tangy chilli sauce which is a local favourite. You can also stand in a line to get another tasty cuisine of Singapore i.e.  oyster omelette – briny whole oysters tossed together in an egg batter then pan-fried to perfection. In case you are still hungry you can try the Duck rice which is the another version of chicken rice. Amongst deserts I liked most the coolest one i.e. ais kacang which has red beans, assorted candied fruits and jelly topped with finely shaved ice and drenched in syrup. You can go to famous bars of the area at night and can get the Dak Gar-Bi (Chicken and Kimchi Paella) and Sogogi Beef Jowl with generous servings of Soju and Soju-based cocktails. All these are worth a try and I am sure you are going to love everything.

In case you are tired by now as Serangoon Gardens are spread in a wider area, you will definitely be looking for something hot to relax. So let me now tell you about the servings of the 4 Cafes of the Singapors’s Beaten Path. I am sure you will love the fine brew in simple, unpretentious cups, alongside menu favourites Eggs Benedict and Kong Bak Pau that takes almost 40 pairs of hands to complete a coffee from germination to percolation. At the next cafe you can go for the coffee, with a good selection of ‘Tummy Fillers’ and sweet treats, amongst which the Madeleines and the Hazelnut Coffee Muffin stand out perfectly. And if you like the colourful vintage furniture, exposed red brick walls and mismatched plates, you can reach the third destination for an extensive dessert menu which ranges from classic staples tiramisu, éclairs and lava cakes, to quirkier experiments such as the popular Root Beer Cake and seasonal Kit Kat Brownie. And if you still have some space left in your big stomach, please don’t miss the crisp and fluffy waffles with a scoop of ice cream on top. And if you would like the appropriate pay-what-you-will amount for a Coffee you must go to the adventurous whale & cloud i.e. the fourth destination.

If you wanna join me during my next trip to Singapore to  eat variety of Pratas or to personally experience the Sarengoon gardens and Beaten path, please feel free to contact me. It will be a fun together at Singapore. In case you want to verify that what I said above is true, you can log on to the link : and i am sure you will join me soon.

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